4 Easy Tips For Transitioning Toddlers From Crib To Bed

Transitioning Toddlers From Crib To Bed

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Are you worried how your toddler will react when you transfer him from his crib to the bed? Well, you need to know that there are no developmental checklists involved that shall indicate he is ready for the transition. However, read along for some helpful tips.

You should focus on your toddler’s safety while choosing his new bed. Transfer him to a toddler’s bed only when he is capable of climbing down on his own. It will help you rule out chances of him hurting himself while trying to come out. If he has been in the crib for long, he may have an emotional attachment with it that may make the transition difficult.

You Should Not Rush Through The Process:

If you find him jumping out of the bed, it means he is not ready to let go of his crib yet. It simply means he needs more time to graduate to a new toddler bed. Do not lose heart just be a little patient, and you will see he will accept the change and get comfortable with it.

It is always exciting to see your toddler att

ain all developmental milestones. Some of the signs that indicate that your toddler can shift to a new bed are as follows:

  • See if he is climbing over the rails of his crib and coming onto the bed. If he is capable of climbing out of the fully raised railings, he is ready for the move.
  • If you find your toddler outgrowing his crib, it is time for you to prepare him for the transition to a new bed.
  • See if your toddler is straining his mattress springs. If he weighs more than 35 pounds, he might dislodge the mattress and get hurt.
  • His crib becomes a barrier for him if he has started toilet training.

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Tips To Ensure A Smooth Transition From Crib To Bed:

As long as he is comfortable in his crib, there is no need to worry much about it. You just need to be patient and give him some time. He will surprise you by showing his interest in the new bed one fine day. However, here are some strategies that you can try to make transition from crib to toddler bed smoother:

1. If your toddler is big enough to choose, take him shopping with you. Let him look through the catalogs of beds. Let him choose his pillows and bed sheets. He will be very excited for his new bed.

2. You can consider setting up a bed in the same spot where you had his crib. It might get difficult for him to cope with too many changes at a time. So if you are transferring him to a new bed this is a good option you can consider.

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3. If you find your toddler resisting the change strongly, introduce him to the bed in stages. You can place him in the bed during the naps initially. You can also use the new space as a reading spot. It is a good way to help him familiarize with his new bed.

4. Remember, you should not stress over the fact that the transition is not as easy as you thought. A laid-back attitude on your part will help him adjust to the new place easily.

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Once he has agreed to sleep in the bed, you need to help him feel comfortable there. He might need you around while falling asleep in the new bed initially. You need not worry as these are normal reactions, and he will outgrow these soon.

Make sure to stick to the normal bedtime routines to help him feel safe and secure. A daily routine will help him know what to expect next. The transitional phase shall be easier for him this way.

Tell us how you helped your toddler transition from crib to bed. What were his first reactions and how did you tackle them? We would love to hear from you.

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