8 Simple Steps To Potty-train Your Girl

Potty-train Your Girl

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Is it time to potty-train your little girl yet? Are you dreading how to potty-train your girl? Do you want to start your little girl potty training but you don’t know how? Are you anxious that the process will overwhelm her and she will be afraid of it? If these questions seem to worry you, cast your worries aside! Read our post. Here we list some simple tips for potty training girls and learn when should you start potty training a girl.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Potty Train A Girl:

While you may worry that it will be a tough challenge trying to potty-train your girl, a well-thought plan can make the process much easier.

1. Show Her The Toilet:

Before you start potty-training, get your darling familiar with the concept of a toilet seat and let her know how she can use it.

  • Depending on your girl’s age, you can ask her to go to the bathroom with you in the morning or during the day. You can show her the pot and tell her that it is where mommy and daddy do the po
    o, or whatever it is that you feel will be an age-appropriate language for her.
  • Show her the flush and demonstrate how you use it. Chances are, she is fascinated by it. If so, tell her that she will use one on by herself soon. Emphasize on the fact that she will use all these grown up things only when she starts doing potty in the toilet seat. Just in case she is scared of the flushing sound, ease her into the process.

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2. Tell Her The Positives But Do Not Shame Her:

It is important that you tell your little angel how important going potty is. Don’t shame her for wearing a diaper, be positive and ease her into the process.

  • Tell your girl that it is okay for her to wear a diaper until now, but now she needs to learn the toilet routine.
  • Tell her that once she learns to use the potty in the toilet, she can stop wearing diapers. It will let her wear those cute little bloomers without feeling the bulk of the diaper inside. You can also give her positive examples of a sibling or a friend who is out of a diaper. Make sure you don’t compare too critically or bring her down. Say something like, you know how so and so does not wear a diaper anymore and loves it? You can do it too!

3. Praise Her Grown Up Behavior:

Praise any grown up behavior your daughter has, but do not put undue pressure on her to behave like a grown up all the time.

  • If she can drink from a cup or can eat by herself, appreciate her efforts and tell her how proud it makes you that she can do what she does.
  • Tell her that since she is so mature and smart in so many ways, it will be as easy to potty-train her as well.

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4. Show Her The Potty Seat:

It is perfectly okay if you get her a potty seat that attaches itself to a grown up toilet seat.

  • You can easily skip the toddler potty seat that you have to set on the ground for your child to use. Instead, you can get the regular potty seat that can be attached to the grown up toilet seat in the bathroom.
  • Get one in your daughter’s favorite color and with some fun prints on it. To demonstrate, you can place it on the floor and ask her to sit on it. Show her how to hold the handles and tell her you will be there to hold her hand as well, just in case she is afraid.

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