10 Super Cute Hairstyles For Boys

Cute Hairstyles For Boys

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Is your son evolving into a little fashion icon? Are you looking for a hairstyle that will match your kid’s fun-loving personality? Well, if you can relate your kid to the above situations then reading this post on cute hairstyles for boys might be a good idea!

Making fashion statements is no longer just the prerogative of girls alone. In the last couple of years, we have seen a surge in the stylish undercuts and vintage barbering styles. It’s because even boys are becoming more and more aware of the importance of grooming their looks. Are you keen to give your kid a mane makeover that will transform him from the boy-next-door to little prince charming? Fret no more! Here are ten super cool hairstyle ideas for your little dude.

10 Super Cute Hairstyles For Boys You Should Try:

1. Mohawk:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Mohawk

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The particular style in the picture is the softer version of the original Mohawk style. Your kid can wear it down or spiked up. But you have to make sure th

at he has that rock star attitude to pull of this hairstyle.

2. Justin Bieber Hairstyle:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Justin Bieber Hairstyle

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Long hair is making a comeback, all thanks to the famous pop star Justin Bieber. The style incorporates long bangs and razor cut around the ears and neck. The haircut will frame your boy’s little face quite well.

3. Short Hair:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Short Hair

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The best part about your kid having short hair is that you don’t have to worry about him looking unkempt. Just tell your barber to trim your hunk’s hair on the sides, back, and top. We love how this haircut is short on the sides and has long layers on the top. We think it will boost your kid’s cool quotient by a mile!

4. Spiky Hair:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Spiky Hair

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Spiky hair is one of the most popular fashion statements with kids. It is a great hairstyle for boys who have thick and straight hair. When your kid gets bored, he can style the spikes in a classic or trendy way, depending on his mood or wardrobe.

5. Toby Alderweireld Hairstyle:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Toby Alderweireld Hairstyle

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Footballers are popular icons both on and off the field! The current sensation in the world of style is Toby Alderweireld. His short and cute haircut is great for kids whose mommies prefer a no-fuss look. Remember, keeping the hair longer on the top and shorter behind is an evergreen style secret.

6. Side Parting Hairstyle:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Side Parting Hairstyle

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The medium length hairstyle is oh-so-adorable. It is very trendy and easy to maintain. The side parting will help highlight your boy’s handsome features as well. The hairstyle is ideal for boys who have fine hair.

7. Sporty Hairstyle:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Sporty Hairstyle

Image: Shutterstock

The sporty hairstyle you see in the pic is slightly longer on the top. So your kid can have fun with this hairstyle by spiking it up and down. Yes, the hairstyle is not too suave but isn’t crazy either. The cool and laid back look will suit any face type.

8. Mushroom Hairstyle:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Mushroom Hairstyle

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You can never go wrong with the mushroom hairstyle. The textured bangs falling just above your son’s eyes will add oodles of cuteness to his countenance. Your little boy will surely make heads turn with this look!

9. Curly:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Curly

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Curls, curls, and some more curls! Boys who have curly locks should show them off, and this little guy is doing exactly that. Contrary to what many people think, curls can up your kid’s boyish charm. You just have to use a few hair products to give him a neat and refined look.

10. Edgy:

Cute Hairstyles For Boys - Edgy

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Here is a hairstyle that will look good on kids of all ages. The slightly puffed up hair is giving it a fun, messy style with loads of texture. We give this edgy haircut a thumbs up!

With so many wonderful hairstyling options available, your challenge would be to zero down on just one look for your kid. Alternatively, you can go ahead and make your kid experiment with different looks to turn a complete debonair!

Which of these hairstyles would you select for your handsome little hunk? Tell us in the comments box below.