How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need

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Are you always worried that your kid does not sleep enough?Has your kid outgrown his nap schedule and sleeps only at night? Are you confused how many hours of sleep your kid needs for his overall well-being? How much sleep do kids need exactly? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must!

No matter how old your kid is, sleep time is extremely crucial. Read on to find out how much sleep kids needs at what age and how you can help your kid snooze better.

How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

Your question must be how long do kids need to sleep? The hours of sleep your child needs, depend on his age and other factors like overall health, medications, level of physical activity and so on. However, here is a comprehensive look at the number of hours your child should sleep a day at different stages of childhood: [1]

1. 3 To 6 Years Old:

  • At this age, your kid needs between ten and twelve hours of sleep in a day.
  • At three years of age, your kid may sti
    ll take occasional naps in the day. The naps can last for one to two hours. The duration of naps will gradually decrease as your baby grows.
  • By the time your kid turns five, he will most likely give up napping completely. In case he does nap, it will be for about thirty minutes to an hour, that too not on a regular basis.
  • Most kids over three years of age follow a proper sleep routine. Their bedtime schedule will be consistent and the number of hours they sleep at night will also start to show a pattern. They are unlikely to wake up in the middle of the night.

2. 7 To 12 Years Old:

  • Kids who belong to this age bracket sleep for nine hours on an average. However, you should try and encourage him to sleep for ten hours as and when you can.
  • When your child is between 7 and 12 years of age, you will see a lot of change in his life. There will be various changes in his school and social life as well.
  • All these changes are bound to affect your child’s sleep routine, as well as the quality of his sleep.
  • The increase in study time can also affect your kid’s sleep time and pattern.

3. 13 To 18 Years Old:

  • Your teen needs as much sleep now as he did a few years back, even though he may not always get it.
  • In order to cope with the increasing level of physical activity and mental stress your teen needs to sleep more now.
  • The average sleep time for your teen should be at least nine hours or more.
  • It is important that your teen also has good quality sleep and does not wake up often in the middle of the night.

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How To Know If A Kid Is Getting Enough Sleep Or Not? [2]

The sleep needs for children are different.If your child does not get the adequate amount of sleep he needs, it will take a toll on his overall activity and health. If your child is active and healthy, it means he takes proper rest. If your child is always tired and falls sick often, it means he needs to improve the quantity and quality of his sleep.

If you and your partner do not get enough sleep, both in terms of the number of hours and the quality, chances are your child will follow the same pattern too.

What Can Alter A Kid’s Sleep Time? [3]

A kids sleep needs are as important as yours.With so many things to do, kids are always short of time. Once your kid comes home from school, he spends time doing his homework, going to hobby classes, playing with his friends, and much more. Dinner time gets delayed and, as a result, bedtime gets pushed further.

With so much going on, your kid hardly gets any free time to relax. Over-scheduling your kid’s day and involving him in too many activities at once can have a negative impact on his sleep.

Health Benefits Of Sleep:

Why do kids need more sleep? Well,good sleeping hours and a consistent pattern of sleep can work wonders for your kid: [4]

  • Sleep boosts your kid’s memory and makes him more alert.
  • Sleep allows his brain to process all the information he gathers through the day, even though your kid may not be aware of it.
  • While your kid is asleep, his body gets some much-needed rest to repair all the damage it went through in the day.
  • Sleeping helps keep a lot of diseases at bay and thus is good for overall health.
  • Sleep time is also growth time for your kid, and he will gain those inches with all the rest he gets.
  • Good sleep is extremely beneficial for the health of your kid’s heart.
  • Adequate sleep will help reduce the fat in your kid’s body.
  • Getting sufficient sleep will help your kid fight off stress and anxiety. A good night’s sleep will help to make your kid cheerful and positive in the day. It will keep any negativity and depression away.

Negative Effects Of Insufficient Sleep:

Not getting enough sleep can adversely affect your kid in many ways: [5]

  • Experts term inadequate sleep as ‘junk sleep’ as its effects are similar to eating junk food.
  • Lack of sleep in terms of the number of hours and poor quality of sleep can lead to obesity.
  • Insufficient or disturbed sleep can result in poor concentration and memory loss. It can take a toll on your kid’s performance at school.
  • Not getting enough sleep can also make your kid feel angry, irritable, and sad.
  • In some cases, lack of sleep can also make your kid restless and hyperactive.

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