5 Health Benefits Of Fruits And Vegetables For Kids

Fruits And Vegetables For Kids

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Are you one of those parents who struggle to get your kid to eat fruits and vegetables? Do you struggle with healthy eating options for your kids, especially when they refuse to eat anything that remotely has fruits or vegetables in it?

If you worry about your fussy eater at home, you need to educate him about the importance. Read our post here and learn about the benefits of regularly eating fruits and vegetables.

The Importance Of Fruits And Vegetables For Your Kids:

Fruits and vegetables are storehouses of all the essential nutrients your kid needs, like vitamins, fiber, minerals, and more. Moreover, fruits and vegetables also have many more health benefits for your kids. Here is a quick look at how a bowlful of these power foods will help your kid:

1. Great For The Intestine:

Fruits and vegetables contain a good amount of fiber, which is essential to promote healthy bowel movements [1].

  • Encourage your kid to eat some portions of vegetables and fruits on a daily basi
    s, as it will help to prevent any gastrointestinal diseases. Diverticulosis, a serious form of the gastrointestinal disease, can be prevented with a healthy diet comprising of fruits and vegetables.
  • The high fiber present in fruits and vegetables can prevent constipation. It is a great way to ensure smooth and regular bowel movements, which will prevent any further health concern. Peas, pears, beans, plums and broccoli are especially helpful in treating or preventing constipation.

2. Helps Keep Weight In Check:

While fruits and vegetables are quite nutritious, they have a low amount of fats and calories hat makes them ideal to keep weight in check [2].

  • Eating fruits and vegetables will keep your kid feeling full, without the need of snacking on unhealthy food items. Instead of giving your kids a diet that is high in calories substitutes the same with fresh fruits and vegetables. It will help to keep your kid’s calorific content in check and help to prevent excess weight gain.
  • Consuming a diet that is high in fruits will also help to keep your kid’s body mass index (BMI) in check, which is the most common form of assessing weight.

3. Boosts Academic Performance:

Eating a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables will help boost your kid’s performance at school [3].

  • Kids who eat vegetables and fruits on a regular basis have a high level of concentration, as compared to kids who do not regularly eat the same.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables as snacks in between meals will also keep your kids feeling full and will prevent any hunger pangs. Feeling hungry can often trigger irritability in your kids, and also interfere with concentration and memory.

4. Helps Prevent Diseases:

Fruits and vegetables contain a host of nutrients that prevent many diseases in your kids [4].

  • Eating fruits and vegetables on a regular basis will provide protection against many childhood diseases. It will also prevent the risk of stroke and heart diseases in later years.
  • Fruits and vegetables can also prevent protection against certain forms of cancer. Eating healthy now will help your kid maintain good eating habits in later years too, making health a priority.

5. Provides Overall Nutrition:

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with various essential elements that will provide overall nutrition to your kid [5].

  • Make sure your kid has a daily serving of fruits and vegetables as these are a good source of vitamins, folate, potassium, fiber, and minerals.
  • Apart from having all these nutrients, they also help curb those mid-meal hunger pangs and provide extra nutrition that is wholesome.

It is tough to get your kids to eating healthy, but help him understand its importance at a young age. Try new recipes and involve your kids in the shopping and cooking process. How do you encourage your kids to eat fruits and vegetables? Share your tips with us here.