The Story Of 'Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves' For Your Kids

Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves

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Are you planning to introduce a new story to your little one? Is your darling tired of hearing the same old stories and wants something new and exciting? Have you introduced any classics or fables to your kid yet? Alibaba and the forty thieves story is an example of such a classic.

Stories from A Thousand And One Nights are full of excitement and enchantment. While not all stories may be apt for kids, one story that never fails to interest little listeners is the story of Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves.

The Story OfAli Baba And The Forty Thieves:

Here is the story of Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves for you to read out to your little one:

Once upon a time, in a town in Persia, there were two brothers, Cassim and Ali Baba. Cassim’s wife was a very rich woman who had lots of money and enjoyed a very comfortable life. Ali Baba was very poor. He worked as a woodcutter in the forest. Whatever money he got after selling the wood in the town, he spent it on his family.

One day Ali Baba saw a group of men riding horses in the forest. The men were coming towards him in a cloud of dust. Ali Baba was scared. He thought the men might be robbers, so he quickly climbed a tree to be safe. Once the men came near the tree where Ali Baba was hiding, they got off their horses. Ali Baba counted all the men – there were forty men in the group.

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The men tied their horses to the trees. The leader of the group came towards the bushes and shouted ‘Open Sesame!’

Suddenly, right before Ali Baba’s eyes, a door opened inside the rocks, and the captain told the men to go in. Once all the men were inside, the captain went in, the door closed. The men were inside for quite some time. Ali Baba was scared that if he tried to run, the men might come out and catch him. So he sat quietly on the tree and waited. At last the door opened again, and all the men appeared. The captain came out in the end, and once outside, he said ‘Shut Sesame!’ and the door shut and disappeared.

The men climbed their horses and left in a cloud of dust, just as they had arrived.

Ali Baba got down the tree, went near the bushes and said ‘Open Sesame!’ And to his surprise, the door opened.

He was surprised to enter a large place that was full of expensive things like silk, gold, silver and money. He filled up the bags with gold and made as many bags as he thought his donkeys standing outside the cave could carry back home. He went out of the cave and said ‘Shut Sesame!’ and the door shut.

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Ali Baba went back home along with his donkeys, and once he was there, he quickly shut the doors and went to his wife with the treasures. He took out all the gold before her, told her what had happened and asked her not to tell anyone. ‘I will go and bury the gold,’ he told his wife.

‘Wait,’ she said. ‘Let me measure the gold first. I will borrow a measure from someone while you can start digging the hole to bury the gold.’

She quickly ran to Cassim’s wife and borrowed the measure from her. Cassim’s wife knew that Ali Baba was very poor. So she was very curious to know what grains his wife wanted to measure and put some suet at the bottom. Once back home, Ali Baba’s wife placed the measure on the heap of gold while using it to measure the gold. After measuring all the gold, she went to return the measure to Cassim’s wife, without realizing that a piece of gold was sticking to its bottom.

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Cassim’s wife saw the gold and was very curious. Once Cassim came back home, she said to him, ‘your brother is richer than you. He does not count his money but measure it instead.’

Cassim could not understand what his wife was saying and begged her to explain. She showed him the piece of gold and told him all that happened earlier. Cassim grew very envious of his brother and could not sleep at night. Just before sunrise, he went to his brother and said, ‘Ali Baba, you only pretend to be poor, but you measure gold.’