Top 15 Scary Stories For Kids

Scary Stories For Kids

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There is something spookily attractive about scary stories for children. No matter how afraid we are, we just cannot resist hearing a new horror story.

Are you thinking of introducing your kid to the ‘joy’ of horror stories? Are you looking for stories that can ease them into the genre?

Look no further, for we have listed here the fifteen scary stories for children! Go ahead, spook them!

1. Digital Camera:

‘Her aunt will take care of the little girl Yuki, whose mother dies. That girl always needed attention, and it was so problematic to leave her alone. She never smiled. She never spoke. All she did was quietly staring standing towards the wall. All of a sudden she dies and no one could determine the cause of her death. How did the girl die? What was found in that particular digital camera the girl uses?’

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The Digital Camera is a ghost story about a little girl. It is based on a true story that happened in Japan some years ago. It is one of the real horror

stories for kids.

2. The Hairy Toe:

‘An old woman goes for a walk in the woods behind her cottage. There she finds a hairy toe. The old woman takes the toe home, cooks it and eats a wholesome meal. But whose toe was it? Will the owner of the toe return?’

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This horror cum fantasy story is from S.E. Schlosser’s book the Spooky Maryland. Not too scary, the story is perfect for young kids.

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3. The Canterville Ghost:

‘When Mr. Hiram Otis moves to his new house along with his family, he has no idea what lies ahead! The brave family of six refuses to leave their beautiful new home, beautiful but haunted! So, how do they deal with the Canterville Ghost?’

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A scary story without too much horror, this one will be a hit with kids for sure.

4. Shadows In The Mirror:

‘An old woman feels the temperature at her home drop suddenly, without any reason. And then she notices the shadows in the mirror. The woman is never heard from again. Years later, a family with a little girl comes to stay in the same house. One day the little girl feels the temperature drop, just like it did years ago, and then she looks in the mirror.’

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A good and short horror story for kids and tweens who can handle a little more fear!

5. Bloody Mary:

‘Five friends decide to have some fun together. They stand before their school bathroom mirror and chant “Bloody Mary” Bloody Mary” Bloody Mary”. Something happens after the thirteenth time they take the name, something scary’. The short scary stories for kid list is just getting interesting.

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The story of Bloody Mary has many variations. But the one thing common to all the horror stories is that they can scare one silly!

6. The Russian Sleep Experiment:

‘After World War II, the Russian government enrolled five prison inmates for an experiment. These inmates were promised their freedom if the could stay away for 30 days. The perfect deal, or was it?’

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How long can one stay without sleep? A scary urban legend, here is a scary story that is sure to get your kid to go to sleep easily!

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7. Humans Can Lick Too:

‘What happens when a little girl is left alone with her faithful dog? Can she fall asleep, reassured by her dog’s licking?’

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This short story too has a couple of variations, both equally chilling.

8. The Clown Statue:

‘A babysitter tries to watch over two young kids as their parents go out for dinner. But something keeps disturbing her. The life size clown statue in the living room just does not feel right. So she calls the parents to ask if she could cover the statue with a sheet of cloth. Their reply?’

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A creepy story, this one is sure to draw a few screams! Perfect for tweens and teens, keep little kids away when telling this story!

9. The Killer In The Back Seat:

‘A woman returning from a party notices a car following her. She panics and drives as fast as she can. But is the car the only thing she needs to worry about?’

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A wonderful story with a happy ending!

Bonus: If you want to encourage your kid to start reading books and want her to appreciate the horror genre, start with these two books!

10. Remember Me, By Christopher Pike:

‘Shari Cooper goes to her friend’s birthday party. But she does not remember dying! The police say she committed suicide. But she knows she did not. So, how can she convince the world that she did not kill herself?’

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A great book for teens, Remember Me will interest you too! These short scary stories for kids are going to interest them alot. Now you know what to buy your teen for her birthday!

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11. The Watcher In The Woods, By Walt Disney:

‘Two sisters who just don’t feel comfortable in their new home. Is it just their imagination, or is there something really wrong with their new house?’

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Another winner, The Watcher In The Woods can be scary for young and adults alike. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a go. And share the book with your teen too!

12. Haunted:

‘A neglected old house which everyone knew it was haunted. At times, wonderful aromas crept from the house and filled the entire street with the heavenly odor. Also, there used to come wonderful music from the house, but still people were scared about the spirits that haunted the house. One fine day, a man moves into the house from another distant city. But how did the old haunted house attract the neighbors later and they were never again scared to enter the place?’

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One of the scary ghost stories for kids from the town of Blakeslee, Arkansas about a haunted house with few spooky ghosts.

13. Cell Phone:

‘A mother of a six-year-old son buys a new cell phone. One fine day she comes home from work and places the phone on the table. Her son asks for the phone and plays with it. Later in the night, when the woman finishes her work she takes back her phone. She observes a disturbing thing that makes her scary. What might it be?’

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The Cell Phone is a scary short story of a woman who sees something scary on her newly bought phone after her son plays with it. One of the scary stories for kids you should not ignore.

14. The Bermuda Triangle:

‘A long time ago, a sailboat was set to sail from Florida. The crew was heading towards the Bermuda islands. Suddenly dark clouds begin to form, and radio signals stop working. The sailboat disappears suddenly. Experts believe that there exists some magnetic energy in the Bermuda triangle. How does it happen? Is there any scientific proof?’

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The Bermuda Triangle – Know the strangest area of the sea where ships are believed to disappear without any evidence. You can get this kind of best scary stories for kids to read for them in the night.

15. The Haunted Castle:

‘There lived a young boy Maxime (or Max) who lived in a small house in the village. There was a haunted house just outside the village where lived a witch and a dangerous mosquito. The small poor boy finally destroys the witch and her mosquito. But how did the small boy manage to do the great task? From where did he gain the strength?’

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The Haunted Castle is about a small boy Max, who finally becomes the king of the village. Reading these short horror stories for kids is a fun way to learn about creepy things.

There is no clear reason we love horror so much. If you think your kid is ready to be scared, start with these stories. You can then move on to scarier ones!

Which is your favorite horror/scary story? Why does the story appeal to you so much? Share with us!

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