'Sindbad - The Sailor' Story For Your Kids

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If you think this is the right time for laying the foundation of learning and inculcate the habit of reading in your child, storytelling is your best option to opt for.

Start narrating stories which are short, simple and entertaining to your child.

Importance Of Storytelling:

Storytelling is one of the finest ways to educate your child:

  • It inculcates the habit of reading and gives a scope to interact and communicate.
  • Enables your kid to explore new terms and phrases.
  • Makes your baby to learn basic etiquettes like sitting attentively, listening carefully, etc.
  • Increases your child’s knowledge by discovering various cultures and traditions.

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Choosing A Story:

Before choosing a story, you should remember certain things:

  • Select the one which is exciting and amusing.
  • Choose stories that match your child’s age and choices.

Here is our collection of one such story – ‘Sindbad – The Sailor Story’, that will definitely take your

child to an amazing world.

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Sinbad The Sailor Story For Children:

Once upon a time, there lived a sailor named Sindbad. After spending all the money recklessly, he tries his fortune as a sailor and starts travelling to several places for trading of goods. In each journey, he encounters problems, but at the end he returns as a rich man.

Sindbad’s story has seven parts. Each part consists of the interesting voyages. Here is the gist of each voyage:

  1. On the way of his first voyage, he finds himself in a stranded island, which in reality is a giant sleeping whale. Abandoned by his shipmates, Sindbad manages to escape from the place and reaches the shore, where he helps the King’s mare from being drowned by a sea horse. The King’s grooms bring Sindbad to the King who befriends him. Sindbad becomes King’s trusted courtier. Later, one day when his own ship arrives, he gives the King his goods and in return Sinbad earns riches from the King.
  1. In the second voyage he is again abandoned by his shipmates and is stranded in an island which contains roc eggs. Through a roc, he reaches the valley of giant snakes, which is full of diamonds. By throwing huge chunks of meat into the valley, merchants harvest these. The birds carry the meat to their nests. The men collect the diamonds stuck to the meat by driving the birds away. Sindbad returns to Baghdad with diamonds.
  1. In the next voyage, Sindbad comes across a peculiar ‘man like figure’. This monster attacks and starts eating the crew. Sindbad tricks and blinds the monster, thus escaping to Baghdad, wealthier than ever.
  1. He comes across cannibals in his fourth trip. These cannibals force him to eat leaves of a madness-inducing plant. He refrains from doing so and gets out of the place. Soon he lands in an island. Here he is married to a wealthy and beautiful woman, who dies after some days. According to the custom, he is dropped into the cavern, where he finds plenty of diamonds.
  1. In the fifth voyage, one of the members kills the chick of a gigantic bird. Shipwrecked again, Sinbad confronts with ‘Old Man of the Sea’ who does not let him to go and waits for his death. Sindbad kills him and finally gets out of the trap. Later, he is taken to the City of the Apes, and through the apes Sinbad regains his fortune. Later, he finds a ship which takes him home.
  1. Sindbad again sets his sixth journey. His ship breaks in to pieces, after it hits a tall cliff. With no food and water, Sinbad’s shipmates die of starvation. Now only he is left and continues his journey. He falls asleep and wakes up in the city of the King of Serendib (Sri Lanka). He talks about the journeys undertaken by him to the King. Hearing the brave sailor’s narration, the King awards him abundantly.
  1. In the seventh and the last adventurous trip, he is captured by pirates and is sold to a merchant as slave. The merchant asks him to collect tusks of elephants in large number, and it is only after that the merchant would set him free. Seeing the completion of the work, the merchant rewards him with gold and ivory.

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Moral Of The Story:

It’s always recommended that you chose stories which deliver a moral to your child. The moral of the story of Sinbad the sailor is – Hard work pays off.

  • If a person decides his own fate by working hard, by taking proper steps at right time, he meets success.
  • In this story, Sindbad had some or other the other obstacle, but he overcame everything. Finally he was rewarded with something worth.

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Always remember storytelling is an effective way for laying the foundation of literacy skill. It cannot be possible without your active participation. Indulge yourself for making it more live and vibrant.

Did your kid like this story? Feel free to comment below.

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