5 Best Bed-Wetting Alarms Available In The Market

Best Bedwetting Alarm

As parents, you would definitely want to give the best of everything to your child, right? You would want to protect your children from any form of discomfort that they might experience.

Bed-wetting often becomes a serious problem for children between the ages of 5 to 12 years of age. But the good news is that there are a lot of devices available today that can help you and your child work together to solve the problem of bed-wetting.

Bed-Wetting Alarm:

There are many brands of bed-wetting alarms available today that come with different features. As a parent, you should look for these while choosing a specific alarm for your child. Before you make a selection, it is important that you know the various brands, the features and the benefits that the alarm has to offer.

  • Bed-wetting alarms can come very handy in solving the bed-wetting problem that your child may be suffering from.
  • The problem of bed-wetting often becomes a cause of embarrassment for a child and affects their self-confidence.
  • Your child may become withdrawn or avoid sleepovers at a friend’s place because of this problem, making him aloof.

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Features Of The Bedwetting Alarms:

The most famous and best bed-wetting brands available in the market provide a host of features:

  • Wearable ones that do not need any special form of underpants.
  • Have different kinds of alert tones to make your child aware of the time to go for peeing.

Here are some of the features that you should consider while you choose a bed-wetting alarm for your child:

  • It can be easily worn by your child.
  • It can be easily detached as well so that your child does not feel it to be a hassle to use.
  • The alarm should be wearable on normal briefs or clothes so that it is easy to use for your child.
  • The alarm should have various options in terms of the tones of alarms or the forms of the alarm so that it can be customized as per the requirement of your child.

Best Bedwetting Alarms Brands Available In The Market:

Some of the best bed-wetting alarms available in the market are as follows.

1. Rodger Wireless Alarms:

Rodger Wireless Alarms

  • These alarms have briefs designed in a special way
  • The sensor threads are sewn in adequately.

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2. Malem Auditory Alarm:

Malem Auditory Alarm

  • This is very lightweight.
  • It has a single tone for alarm that is very suitable for young children.
  • The moment they hear the tone, they know that they have to urinate.

3. The Yellow Malem Alarm:

The Yellow Malem Alarm

  • This has different tones so that older children can find the tones interesting.
  • This helps them to not get used to a single tone due to which your child might ignore the alarm at times.
  • There is also no need of any special form of briefs as it has a clip to be attached to the underwear.

4. Malem Ultimate Alarm:

Malem Ultimate Alarm

  • It has the choice of either a sound or vibration as an alarm and your child can choose any form of alarm depending on his or her convenience.
  • This alarm can be worn on the shoulder as well as it is slightly longer in size.
  • It can be fastened effectively to the clothes with a clip.

5. Wet Stop Alarms:

Wet Stop Alarms

  • It has a robust sensory device that alerts your child at the slightest sense of moisture.
  • This makes him or her cognizant of the fact that they need to go and urinate, thereby preventing bed-wetting.

Bed-wetting can grow into a serious issue if not arrested or treated on time. It might ultimately have a negative impact on the confidence of your child.

Instead of worrying and scolding your child, you can always take the help of a bedwetting alarm to help your child overcome this problem.

Have you faced similar scenarios with your children? Do share the tips you followed to deal the situation with other readers in the comment section below:

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