7 Water-Based Activities For Kids That Will Make Them Love Summers!

Fun Water-Based Activities

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Children of all ages love playing with water, in water, or anything that involves water. They can splash, paddle, stir, pour, throw – you name it!

Are you looking for fun filled activities on a hot summer’s day? Look no further as we have a list of fun summer water activities for kids. Most activities here need basic kitchen or backyard stuff. Every activity has been tried and tested, so we can guarantee the success! They are also fun, inexpensive, and will keep your kids entertained for hours.

1. Jump With Water:

Jump With Water

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Run a strong stream from a garden hose back and forth like a snake under your child’s feet, and make them jump over it almost like playing jump rope. To make it more exciting, whoever’s feet don’t get drenched, wins!

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2. Backyard Bath:

Backyard Bath

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Take advantage of a warm day by bathing your baby outdoors. Fill up those kid-inflated pools with water, bath toys, and bubbles, an

d turn a chore into a delight. For your older kids, it can be a fun day of swimming in the backyard!

3. Water-Gun Tag:

Water-Gun Tag

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The classic game and can never go wrong. Have everyone – kids and parents don bathing suits to play tag. Whoever is “It” gets the water gun and tries to tag the other players with a cold squirt! Or you can just have teams and let the kids go crazy.

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4. Pool Hunt:

Pool Hunt

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Apart from swim lessons in the swimming pool, toss a bunch of ping-pong balls or coins in the water. Kids who know how to swim can jump in and retrieve the coins, whereas kids who need help swimming can retrieve the floating balls.

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5. Garden Adventures:

Garden Adventures

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It gives kids an opportunity to explore all the elements that surround them in their own back yard. Leaves, flower petals, flower buds, grass are all elements in this activity, and kids can strengthen their motor skills. Here’s what you’ll need: scoops, tongs, water pitchers, ladles, wooden spoons, tweezers, measuring cups, funnels, scissors, and large pots and bowls. They’ll spend hours mixing, pouring, cutting chopping, scooping and transferring the garden finds into the pots while making their own garden creation.

6. For Frozen Fans:

For Frozen Fans

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If your kids are fans of the Disney movie “Frozen” then this ice activity will be a huge hit. Here’s what you’ll need: large bowls, small bowls, ice cubes colored with food coloring, cold water so the ice cubes don’t melt too quickly, tongs, turkey blasters, syringes, spoons, scoops, and funnels.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to make frozen fractals: add several drops of food coloring to a jug of water and use that to fill a few ice cube trays. It helps if you want lighter pastel coloured ice cubes. Then load the ice cube trays onto a baking sheet and put it into the freezer. Once your ice cubes are frozen, transfer them into a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer.

Your kids can play with the colored ice and imagine that they’re a Frozen character!

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7. Homemade Water Slide:

Homemade Water Slide

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Our personal favourite, as it is a classic. To make your homemade water slide in your backyard, here’s what you’ll need: basic camping tarp, garden hose, and a bottle of shampoo. Now, here’s what you’ll have to do: spread the tarp over a small slope, hang the garden hose over a clothesline, or something that gives you a good angle from above. Ensure the hose is in place, and drizzle shampoo over the trap to make it slippery and there you have it – a DIY water slide.

Have any more exciting ideas for summer water activities for kids? We would love for you to tell us!

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