3 Scary Halloween Stories That Will Send Chills Down Your Kid’s Spine


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Are you organizing a Halloween party this year? Are you looking for some creepy Halloween stories that your little guests can read out at the party or around the campfire? Well, then you are at the right place.

Here are three scary Halloween stories for kids that will surely entertain. Read on!

1. The Legend of Bride’s Head Bridge:

There’s a bridge called ‘Der Kopf der Braut’ near Hanover in Germany. According to the legend, Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, and his wife were riding on the bridge in their horse carriage when an elderly crone blocked their way. The Count (Reichsgraf) ordered the old woman to get off the bridge so that they could resume their journey. But it was dark and the old lady was finding it difficult to herd her sheep off the bridge.

The Count could not take it. He took out his whip and started giving her a sound thrashing. Bleeding and howling in pain, the old witch cursed the carriage. Consequently, as the carriage was crossing the bridge, one of the ho

rses reared up. Gretchen, the wife of the count, fell from the carriage into the river and drowned.

People say that every year at the Halloween, you can see a headless bride standing on the rocks in the middle of the lake. Some say that she looks for her beloved count while others say that she looks for her lost head.

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2. Night Ride:

One night, Tom was driving back home when he saw a girl waiting at the bus stop. Tom halted his car and proposed her a ride. The girl accepted and entered in the car. Since the night air was getting nippy, and the girl was feeling cold, Tom gave her his jacket. On the way, he found that the girl’s name was Sally, and she was going home. After a two-hour drive, Tom dropped Sally at her house.

The next day, Tom remembered that that he left his jacket with Sally. He drove to Sally’s house to get his jacket back. An old lady opened the door, and Tom told him about his ride with her daughter Sally. He said that he had come to take the jacket that he had given to Sally.

The old lady was stunned. Just then, Tom saw a photo of Sally on the mantelpiece. He pointed to the woman that she was the lady whom he drove last night. With a shaking voice, the old lady told Tom that it was the picture of her daughter and she died five years ago. She further told him that Sally was buried in a graveyard two hours from their house. Tom hurried down to the burial ground and found his jacket on top of a tomb. The name on the gravestone was Sally.

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3. Hide And Seek:

Two young brothers were home alone as their parents had gone to visit their relatives. Since the kids were getting bored, they decided to occupy themselves by playing a game of hide and seek. The elder one turned to the wall and began counting. He could hear his brother’s footsteps as he scurried about looking for a place to hide.

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The older brother cried out “ready or not, I’m coming” and went off looking for his brother. He looked at all the places where his brother could hide, but couldn’t find him. Then he heard a sound from the wardrobe. The boy was sure that he found his brother, yet called out to him, “I’ve found you! You can come out!” But he did not get any response. The older boy then opened the door of the wardrobe to check for the little brother. He tries to peer behind the coats hanging there. Suddenly, an icy cold hand grabs his wrist and tries to pull him into the closet. As he tries to pull himself free, he hears a noise behind and turns around only to see his kid brother shouting…”You couldn’t find me! I won!

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The older brother screams in fright and tries desperately to free himself from the grip of the hand. The younger one grabs him too, and together they manage to free him from the clutches of the hand. They both run down screaming from the apartment.

These short, scary and spooky Halloween stories for kids are perfect for reading at your Halloween party. Which one of these kids halloween stories are you planning to narrate to your child? Or do you have a favorite among these Halloween stories for children? If yes, then please share with us in the comment section.

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