'The Monkey And The Crocodile' Story For Your Kid

The Monkey And The Crocodile

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Are you planning to encourage your kid to inculcate a reading habit? Do you want to share popular stories with him that have a moral lesson and will help him evolve into a better human being? If you can relate to the above situations, scroll down to find an interesting short story of monkey and crocodile for kids with a wonderful moral. It will surely make your kid’s bedtime reading fun and educational!

The Monkey And The Crocodile Story:

A clever monkey happily lived on a tree that had juicy red apples. One day, as the monkey was sitting on the tree, he saw a crocodile swimming up to the river bank near the tree. The crocodile said that he had come from a faraway place and was very tired and hungry. The monkey was kind-hearted, so he offered some delicious apples to the crocodile.

The crocodile loved eating the juicy fruit, so he requested the monkey if he could visit again to have some more apples. The monkey was very happy to see that the crocodile had enjoyed the apples from h

is tree and said he was welcome to come back for more whenever he wanted.

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The crocodile started coming back to the apple tree for more treats every day. The monkey and the crocodile soon became good friends, and they looked forward to seeing each other every day. They talked for hours about their families, hobbies, and experiences. While talking about his family, the crocodile one day mentioned that he had a wife who lived with him on the other side of the river. The monkey then offered some apples for his friend’s wife. The crocodile came back and told the monkey that she had loved the apples so much that she wanted to have them every day.

With time, the monkey and crocodile’s friendship became strong, and the two were almost inseparable. The crocodile’s wife turned jealous and wanted to end this friendship soon. The crocodile’s wife was very cunning. When she had the apples that the monkey had sent for her, she thought that they were the sweetest and juiciest fruits she had ever tasted. She wondered that if the monkey had these apples every day his flesh would be sweeter than the apples he shared.

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One day she asked her husband to bring the monkey home for dinner. The crocodile realized that his wife was planning something wicked, but he did not want to hurt his friend. He tried hard to make his wife change her mind, saying that the monkey could not cross the river. The wife wanted to eat the monkey at any cost, so she decided to pretend that she was very ill. She told her husband that she would survive if she could eat the heart of a monkey. She told the crocodile that if he wanted to cure her, he would have to get her the heart of his friend. The crocodile was shocked. He loved his wife dearly, but he was also fond of the monkey. He did not know what to do. He wanted to save his wife, but he could not kill his friend either. He was in a big dilemma. Seeing him hesitate, the wife asked him to hurry up, as any delay in taking the remedy would cost her life.

Not able to find any other solution to make his wife healthy again, the crocodile went to his friend the monkey. He told him that his wife had invited him home. He asked him to cross the river safely riding his back. The monkey was very happy and agreed to visit the crocodile’s home at once. He had gifted the sweet apples to his friend’s wife before and looked forward to meeting her today.

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The monkey sat on the crocodile’s back to visit his friend’s home. The crocodile slowly went into the water and started swimming towards the other side of the river. The monkey was very happy and kept talking to the crocodile about how elated he was to meet his friend’s wife and to see his home finally. He kept asking questions about how his part of the forest looked like and family. The crocodile was not in a mood to chat and remained quiet for most of the time. But as the monkey was chatting excitedly, he barely noticed that his friend was not speaking much.

As the crocodile reached mid-river, he slowly started going towards the river bed. At first, the monkey thought that the water level was high and hence he was getting wet. But he soon realized that the crocodile was deliberately getting into deep waters. The monkey was scared. He asked the crocodile what he was doing, and pointed out that he might drown. The crocodile told the monkey all about his wife. He apologized to him but said he had no other choice if he wanted to save his dear wife. The monkey was shocked but knew he had to remain calm to save himself. He told the crocodile he would happily gift his heart to save his dear friend’s wife, but the only problem was that he had left it on the tree. He told the crocodile to take him back to the river bank quickly so that he could offer his heart to cure his friend’s ill wife.

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As soon as the crocodile returned to the river bank, the monkey leaped from his back and climbed the apple tree. He told him to go back home and tell his wife that she married the most foolish being on earth.

Moral Of Monkey And Crocodile Story:

Never lose your calm in a difficult situation and always believe in yourself.

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Did your kid enjoy reading the monkey and the crocodile story? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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