Why Do Kids Hate School & What You Can Do?


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Does your kid hate going to school? Do you feel it is an everyday struggle to make your kid get ready to get up and go to class? Are you worried it could turn into a habit and your kid may lose all interest in academics? If you are concerned about your kid’s growing hatred towards school and want to help him out now, check out this post!

Scroll down below to understand what could be the possible reasons for why kids hate school and what you can do about it.

Four Reasons Why Do Kids Hate School:

Here are four very important reasons behind why kids dont like school:

1. Sudden Increase In Academic Pressure:

Sometimes, you may notice a sudden change in your kid’s attitude towards school, especially at the beginning of a new session.

  • Your kid may find it difficult to adjust to the change in academic pace from the previous class to the present one.
  • The syllabus may seem too exhaustive, or your kid may feel there is too much homework or assignments that he needs to do every da
  • Also, if your kid has some new classes and subjects this session, he may find it challenging to cope with the additional burden initially.

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What You Can Do About It:

As a parent, you have to help make your kid’s transition from one class to the other smooth and comfortable.

  • Talk to your kid about the academic pressure he is facing. If he feels there is too much homework, formulate a timetable that will help him manage his time best.
  • Ask him to cut down on extra-curricular activities or hobbies for some time and concentrate on the new subjects. Tell him to give extra time to those areas where he feels he is lacking or is unable to understand. Once he gains confidence in those subjects, he can pursue his hobbies again.

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2. Bullying At School:

Facing a bully is one of the worst nightmares for a kid in school, despite some very strict anti-ragging rules in place.

  • Your kid may be a victim of bullying in class, by his classmates, his seniors, or even some staff members.
  • There may be a group of kids who taunt your kid or make fun of him. There could be some kids who harass him and try to scare him during school hours.
  • Your kid may face bullying by older students or someone on the school bus. If your kid walks back home, it could also be a case of physical or verbal bullying by someone who takes the same route or lives in the vicinity.

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What You Can Do About It:

Watch out for the tell-tale signs in your kid’s behavior that may suggest that he is a victim of bullying.

  • Your kid may suddenly seem disinterested in school, to the point of hating it. Or he could suddenly become quiet and unresponsive, and not take any interest in activities that were earlier his favorite.
  • Speak to your kid and gently inquire whether someone has said anything to him at school. Often your kid may be worrying that if you talk to the management or teachers and the bully comes to know the same it could lead to more bullying. Tell your kid calmly that you will help him in all possible ways and take care of the situation smartly. If your kid faces physical abuse, you should talk to a counselor who will suggest further course of action, including police intervention to prevent such aggressive behavior at school.

3. Stress Factor:

Sometimes, going to school can cause so much stress that your kid may want to give up academics altogether.

  • Even your kid may be suffering from a lot of stress in life, and much of it can come from school.
  • While at school, your kid is always under pressure to perform well and achieve good grades. At home, too you may be expecting your kid to study well, complete assignments and burn the midnight oil especially when exams are around the corner.
  • With so much to do, your kid may not find the time to interact with other kids of the same age. He may often miss out on meeting with his friends, which is crucial to your kid’s overall growth and development, including mental and social well-being.

What You Can Do About It:

As a parent, you are the right person who can help your kid strike a balance between the academic and social life.

  • Understand the importance of friends and free play in your kid’s life. In a bid to excel, do not push your kid to become a bookworm and recluse.
  • Help your kid plan his day well. If your kid has a lot of assignments and study to do through the week, make sure he gets enough time to relax and unwind with his friends over the weekend.

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4. Academic Disinterest:

Yes, it is possible that your kid does not have an active academic interest and has a more vocational aptitude.

  • Your kid may not be able to understand a particular subject, or may be suffering from boredom in class.
  • He may find it unnecessary to learn something that does not interest him and may even find it a complete waste of his time.
  • Also, if your kid has already learned the subject in a previous class and not performed well, he may be nervous about facing it again and may lose all interest.

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What You Can Do About It:

Explain to your kid how the particular subject can help him in broadening his knowledge and fulfilling his ambition.

  • Try teaching him the same concepts by using different methods at home.
  • If nothing helps, speak to your kid’s teachers and see if your kid can opt for an alternative subject that is in sync with his aptitude.

Going to school is something your kid should enjoy and look forward to every day and not consider as a punishment. Talk to his teachers and see how you can help him develop an interest in learning.

Hope you agree with out reasons for why do kids hate school. Did your kid ever fuss about going to school? How did you help him overcome it? Please share your advice and tips with other moms here.

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