9 Effective Tween Discipline Techniques

Tween Discipline Techniques

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Is your tween turning messy day-by-day? Does she reacting arrogantly and disobey your instructions? If you nodded along in solemn agreement, you should consider reading our post. Following tween discipline techniques can help you inculcate good virtues and discipline in your dear little one. Here, we look at some tween discipline techniques.

Effective Tween Discipline Techniques:

1. Set Clear Rules:

Tweens are old enough to participate in simple and easy household activities. Discuss it with her and teach her all the chores she must do. Help her divide her day, dedicating play time and time for homework. Keep an eye on your tween to ensure she does not play all the time avoiding her daily chores and studies and dedicates time to all discusses activities appropriately (1).

2. Reward Your Tween:

Set behavioral contracts that will reward your tween with extra privileges or gifts if she follows good habits and discipline. Rewarding your tween with her favorite gift or giving

her certain privileges after she follows discipline for a specific period will encourage her to pursue more good habits and follow discipline at all times.

3. Allow Natural Consequences:

Facing natural consequences is one of the best ways to inculcate discipline in tweens. So allow your tween to face natural consequences for her misbehavior or inappropriate behavior whenever it’s safe. For instance, if your tween needs to go for volleyball practice in Saturday morning and she sits up late at Friday night playing video games then let her try. When she gets up late on Saturday morning and rushes for practice, she will think twice the next time when sitting up late at night.

4. Make If….Then Statements:

Using ‘If…then’ statements will help clear outline the consequences of the unacceptable behavior of your tweens. Such statement is an effective way to inculcate self-discipline in the tween.

5. Make Your Tween Give Back Positively:

As a punishment for the inappropriate behavior of your tween, make her participate in a community service. For instance, when she is disrespectful to you or any other adult, make her do community service. Your tween would be out doing certain community activity that she may hate, but it will give her time to reevaluate her disrespectful behavior and mend her ways (2).

6. Revoke Her Privacy:

If your tween has a habit of slamming the door out of rage, the best solution is to revoke her privacy. Make clear that such habit is intolerable to you, and henceforth your tween won’t have a personal room to experiment her anger. Soon you will find a change in her behavior.

7. Take Away Tween’s Privileges And Toys:

Take away your tween’s privileges or toys when necessary. But, make sure you don’t take away all her privileges. Make it time sensitive. Usually, remove one of the privileges for about 24 hours or prevent your tween from playing with her toys for an entire day. Removing a privilege for a considerable span of time will make her think twice about repeating her unacceptable behavior (3).

8. Be A Role Model For Your Tween:

Tweens will learn to behave respectfully and with discipline more with observation than listening to what you say. So it is important for you to be a role model for you tween at all times. Your dear tween will observe you and learn how you deal with different life situations and how you respond to anything challenging or distressing events, and she will behave accordingly. So become a role model for your child (4).

9. Seek Calm Approach:

A calm approach works the best. Avoid overreacting or giving a lot of attention to your tween’s minor mistakes. At times, it is better to ignore her mildly mischievous behavior. When she complains, whines, or insists your rules aren’t appropriate, ignorance can be the best response. When the tween fails to engage you in the argument, she is likely to give it up.

How did you inculcate discipline in your tween? What techniques did you follow? Tell us about it. Leave a comment below.