5 Exciting Christmas Activities For Your Teen

Christmas Activities For Your Teen

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Christmas may be near or far, but it’s always a time you look forward to as a family. Your teen may have enjoyed this holiday as a kid, but do you think Christmas is slowly losing its charm for him? Are you looking for some activities that your teen will love doing?

Read on to find out some activities that will interest your teen this Christmas.

Five Christmas Activities For Teens:

Here are five Christmas activities your teen will love to participate in:

1. Christmas Glass Ornaments:

Christmas Glass Ornaments

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You Will Need:

  • Clear glass ball ornament
  • Glitter paints or glitter glue in different colors
  • Christmas ribbon
  • Paper towels
  • Empty egg carton

How To:

  • Open the top of the ornament and put a few drops of one color inside.
  • Hold down the top with a paper towel and shake the ball. Add some more colors and repeat the process.
  • Keep adding the colors and repeat until the entire glass ball is colorful from the inside.
  • Your teen can also add some more designs on the out
  • Place it upside down in the egg carton and allow it to dry overnight. It will also remove any excess paint from the glass ornament.
  • Once it is completely dry, close the top and add the ribbon to help hang the ornament. This christmas activities for teens is engaging and interesting.

2. Decorate The House Together:

Decorate The House Together

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You Will Need:

  • Christmas tree
  • Candles
  • Decorations
  • Family pictures

How To:

  • You can ask your teen to get creative by making some homemade accessories and ornaments.
  • If your teen is not interested in crafts, ask him to place family pictures around the house where you all can see them. Ask him to place candles around the house to add to the décor. Plan a candlelight evening.
  • Your teen may not be too keen to decorate the house with you. However, ask him to participate and tell him that you look forward to his ideas. Ask your teen to help decorate the tree and the front door. If you have more than one teen at home, arrange a room decorating contest and ask them to do up their rooms as per the Christmas theme.

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3. Christmas Shopping:

Christmas Shopping

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Teens love shopping and doing so for Christmas can be a lot of fun.

Ask your teen to sit down and plan out a list of gifts for all family members and friends. Make sure you give your teen a budget.

Your teen can categorize the gifts in terms of age, gender, and even preference.

Once the list is ready, head out for shopping with your teen. Let your teen take the main lead while you help keep a check on the budget.

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4. Volunteer At Local Places:

Volunteer At Local Places

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There are many local places that are always looking for volunteers, especially around Christmas time.

Find out a good teen volunteer group in your area.

Speak to your teen about it and ask him to check at school, at his local sports club, your church or other nearby places.

Some common places where your teen could help are at a nearby soup kitchen, Junior Red Cross, YMCA, food banks, orphanages, old age homes and more. The christmas activities for teenagers is socially engaging and full of fun.

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5. Organize A Clothes Drive:

Organize A Clothes Drive

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Christmas time is cold, and many homeless people could welcome the warm clothes you donate.

Ask your teen to organize a clothes drive in your neighborhood. Your teen can create pamphlets and distribute them around the locality or at school (if allowed). This christmas activities for teenager is extremely enterprising.

Ask him to mention the date, time, and place where people can come to hand over the old clothes for charity.

Once your teen has collected enough clothes, accompany him to help him hand out the same.

There are many different ways in which your teen can make the most of Christmas. From crafts to caring activities and helping around the house, Christmas is a time to spread love and cheer. Help your teen find an activity he can connect to and who knows, it might soon turn into a family tradition.

Does your teen have a special Christmas activity he enjoys? Tell the other moms all about it here.

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