5 Effective Ways To Prevent Teen Drug Abuse

Drug Abuse

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Does the mere thought of your teen succumbing to peer pressure and experimenting with drugs give you sleepless nights? Do you suspect your teen is abusing drugs? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must!

Drug abuse in teens is a serious problem all over the world. Do you want to more about the causes of teen drug abuse and its preventive measures? Go ahead and give this teenage drug abuse article, a read!

Top Ten Reasons For Teen Drug Abuse:

Teens may start using drugs for a number of reasons.

1. Lack of Parental Support:

Lack of attention from parents and an unstable home environment may cause teens to experiment with drugs. (1)

2. Peer Pressure:

The need to fit in with friends is quite intense in the teen years. Agreeing to try drugs may help them gain acceptance among peers. (2)

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3. Mental Health Disorders:

Teens who suffer from depression or anxiety disorders like Attention-Defici

t/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are more susceptible to drug abuse than others.

4. Aggressive Behavior:

Teens with aggressive behaviors are not likely to think twice before trying drugs. (3)

5. Poor Self-Esteem:

Many teens who have low self-esteem may use drugs the first few times for the temporary feel-good factor. The experiment may later turn into an addiction.

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6. Easy Availability of Drugs:

Easy availability of prohibited drugs in pharmacies may entice many teens to abuse them.

7. Poverty:

The poor financial health of the family may cause depression in teens. Resorting to drug abuse may seem an easy route to escape the harsh reality.

8. Poor Academic Performance:

Drugs may be a way for teens to run away from their academic problems.

9. Experimentation:

Teens are game for experimenting and exploring new things and may try drugs that are readily available.

10. Fun:

Teenagers may enjoy the temporary feeling of ecstasy that accompanies the use of drugs. They may begin to abuse drugs for mere fun and relaxation.

Five Ways To Prevent Teen Drug Abuse:

Drug abuse can take a toll on your teen’s well-being as it may lead to the development of risky behavior. The habit can also adversely affect his academic performance and cause health complications. Here are some preventive measures you can take to safeguard your teen from drug abuse. (4)

1. Keep Calm:

It is easier said than done but while tackling a teenager it is important to not overreact without arming yourself with facts. Do your research on the symptoms of specific drug use and then try to watch out for them. You may notice that your teen suffers from mood swings, disinterest, poor appetite, and lack of sleep. He may also display a sneaky behavior.

2. Establish An Open Communication Channel:

Instead of threatening your teenagers with ultimatums, using harsh words or even hitting him, it is crucial to talk gently to him about it. Be patient as teens are not likely to admit to drug abuse easily. Let him know that you are by his side if he wants to kick the drug habit.

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3. Let Him Face The Consequences:

Let your teenager know that there are consequences for making poor choices. For instance, if he is caught at school with drugs and punished by his school authorities, do not defend him.

4. Keep Tabs:

Trusting your teen doesn’t mean not keeping tabs on his activities. Establish ground rules for parties and outings and take out time to know his friends.

5. Lead By Example:

Make sure there are no instances of drug abuse and risky behaviors at home. You and your partner can inculcate a healthy lifestyle in your teen if you both give due importance to healthy food habits and exercising.

Remember, parental support can help teens give up this deadly habit.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for parents dealing with teen drug abuse? If yes, you are welcome to share them here.

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