Top 10 Helpful Tips To Deal With Teenagers

top 10 helpful tips for parents to deal with teenagers

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Picture This: You try and strike a simple conversation with your teen and you get a provoking response in return. You voice your opinion on something and it turns into a heated argument.

Do these situations sound familiar? Do you find yourself into these unwanted yet inevitable conditions often? You sure are a teenager’s parent then. Whom do you blame in such situations, yourself or your teen?

Yes, it is true; teenage is difficult to deal with as it brings a lot of complications along. This is one of the blunt most realities of life. As a caring and responsible parent, you are caught up between comforting your teen and making him see through the good and the bad.

Why Do I Face Problems With My Teenager?

You must admit and accept that your kid is now an almost-grown child stepping into adulthood. Everything is different and new for him or her. Your teenager now has emotions and feelings that he never experienced before. He is constantly trying to use and experiment his n

ew found independence. Therefore there are few problems parents face with teenagers.

On the other hand, you are still looking at your teenager as a kid. He has been so dependent on you all this while, that you forgot that now he has grown on his own. Parents treat teenagers as kids and kids look at themselves as adults. This causes the friction.

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How To Deal With Parenting Problems With Teenagers?

The gap between the two perceptions is the root of all the problems between teenager and parents. Right approach towards this issue can help parenting teenagers in relatively matured fashion.

1. Suddenly, Your Advice Does Not Matter:

I know, this sounds a little rude and harsh, but to your teenager, your advice may not matter any longer. Most teenagers face problems when their parents try and push things down forcefully.


  • Learn to face rejections. You may advice your kid on something but he may reject it outright.
  • Don’t be disappointed because he has now his own preferences and likings. This behavior is perfectly normal.
  • If you feel your teenager is going wrong, don’t force. Sit and communicate clearly.

2. Your Teenager Makes His Own Decisions:

You were once the most and the only important part of your child’s life. He once was completely depended on you for his food, clothing, sleeping, activities and even friends. Today, he wants to make his own decisions and does not want you to interfere.


  • Yes, this can be a little difficult to accept initially.
  • But even you grew into responsible independent individual years back. Now it’s your teenager’s turn. Respect and accept this fact.
  • Be frank and honest to both yourself and your teenager. Sit and talk things out.

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3. Your Teenager Is Developing New Hobbies:

All this while, all that your kid did was to play around the house with you. Now suddenly, he wants to stay out for parties and hang out till late. You even see your teenager wanting to try a hand at things like drinking.


  • While you must give him all the freedom, you must also set out clear rules about everything.
  • Set a limit for late night outings; tell him he can wait a little more before he starts drinking.
  • You too had these phases in life. Let him enjoy the most of his teenage while monitoring good and bad habits.

4. Your Teenager Just Doesn’t See Your Point:

This situation can feel a little overwhelming. You try hard to make your teenager see your point and stop him from doing something wrong. If you restrain them from doing something they feel disrespected. They want to do things their way which in your opinion is not the right way.


  • You must accept the fact that your teenager’s opinion may differ from you completely. What may be wrong for you might turn out right for him.
  • You two may have totally different views about certain things. In fact, you may even have absolutely different personalities from each other.
  • Instead of forcing your opinion onto him, simply monitor and supervise him at all times.

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Top 10 Tips For Parent Of A Teenager:

All teenagers are not rude. But most of them end up being moody and aggressive because they act on their impulses. At the same time, deep down, they respect your opinions too. Here are some tips for you to make the transition better:

1. Don’t be a nag or yell at your teen. Deal calmly with problems.

2. Set very clear rules. Trust your child as much as you can.

3. Always praise your teen to make him feel respected and wanted.

4. Avoid heated discussions. Do not start arguing while both or either of you is angry.

5. Never compare with other teenagers.

6. Don’t be a control freak. Treat them respectfully and give them freedom.

7. Don’t take your teenager’s curt replies to heart.

8. Don’t be sarcastic with your teenager.

9. Avoid lecturing. Always discuss things at the right time.

10. Build a healthy friendly relationship. Never stop communicating with your teenager.

Share Your Life:

Share your experience with your teen-aged child.

  • Your teenager must realize that you too have been through this phase before.
  • Add humor and share your life lessons with him.

The moment he knows that his teenage angst is normal and everybody goes through it, he will start turning to you for advice.

The problems you face today are temporary. You must accompany your teenager through this phase and help him steer his life better. Try and be your teenager’s role model. Talk and sort out your problems in a healthy manner.

Don’t forget to share your views and tips to handle parenting problems with teenagers to other parents in the comment section below.

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