Balanced Diet For Teenagers - A Complete Guide

Balanced Diet For Teenagers

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Does your adolescent binge on junk food and colas? Do you know a balanced diet is critical for your growing teen? Read on to know more about balanced diet for a teenager.

A balanced diet is the secret to a healthy body. Do you know giving a balanced diet to your teen can help you initiate him into a healthy lifestyle? Read on to know how you can provide a balanced diet to your teenager.

What Is A Balanced Diet For A Teenager?

Teens need to eat a balanced diet for proper growth and development. Balanced diet for teenagers should include the right proportion of carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, fat, minerals and water to meet the daily caloric needs of the body. A balanced diet for a teenagers ensure that the body gets all the necessary nutrients that are necessary for functioning. It not only reduces the risk of contracting infections and seasonal allergies, but also prevents health risks like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases.

It sounds great, but making yo

ur teen eat right can pose a huge challenge for you. Fret not! To make your planning easier, we are providing you with a balanced diet chart for teenagers at home.

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Make sure your teen begins his day with a healthy breakfast. According to the Nemours Foundation (1), kids who eat healthy foods in the morning tend to perform better at school. Teens need plenty of whole grains every day so offer a whole grain toast with peanut butter or jam. Mixing yogurt with granola bars is also a great breakfast option for kids. On weekends, you can give scrambled eggs with whole wheat toast and a glass of smoothie.

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Pack your child a homemade lunch so that he does not indulge in junk foods. Pack lean turkey, chicken or tuna sandwich in your teen’s tiffin. You can also make chicken salad with mandarin oranges or baked chicken during the weekend.


Snacking is a must for your teen as it satisfies his hunger and provides him adequate energy to perform his endless activities. Give your child a fresh fruit with whole grain crackers and low-fat cheese or yogurt with dried fruit or berries. You can also offer a salad with low-fat dressing or raw vegetables like carrot or celery with creamy dips. Kale chips are an excellent alternative to potato chips.


Fried rice with stir-fried vegetables, tacos with stuffed turkey or couscous are good choices for dinner. You can also serve baked salmon with boiled potatoes.

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Points To Remember:

  • Keep in mind that a teenager needs five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. So load half of your child’s plate with fruits and vegetables.
  • Give your teen at least one serving of high Vitamin C food like tomatoes, potatoes and green peppers.
  • Choose meats like fish or poultry for your teenager.
  • Caloric needs of teens between 14 and 16 years depend on gender and activity level. Your pediatrician will help determine your teen’s caloric needs.
  • Avoid giving foods like cookies, chips, donuts, ice cream as they have no nutritional value. These foods also lead to skin problems like pimples in teens.

Balanced Diet Menu for Teenager Should Consists Meals Six Time a Day:

Time Meal Menu
7:30 Breakfast A bowl of non-fat milk with whole grain cereal and a banana
9:30 Morning Snack A granola bar with a glass of orange juice or a serving of fruit
13:00 Lunch Two chapattis with a bowl of dal, a bowl of vegetables and salad
16:00 Afterschool Snack Yogurt with berries
18:00 Evening Snack Two slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter
21:00 Dinner Stir fried chicken with fried rice and a bowl of vegetable salad

Consuming a balanced diet and participating in physical activities will help your teen stay fit.

Do you have some delicious yet healthy recipes to include in a teenager’s diet plan? Please share it with us in the comments section.


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