7 Wonderful Workout Plans For Your Teenage Girl


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Do you know obesity has become an epidemic among teenagers today? Are you worried that your teen too may be suffering from an eating disorder? Well, if you want to motivate your teenage daughter at home to eat right and stay fit, reading this post is a must!

Virtual gaming action has replaced the real sport for most teenagers as they remain addicted to gadgets and lead a sedentary life. Eating disorders also plague adolescents today. They either love to binge on junk food and become obese or suffer from malnutrition as they starve themselves in a desperate bid to get a perfect (read skinny) body. If you can relate your teenager to the above situations and are looking for the perfect workout plans for teenage girl, you have come to the right page! Go ahead and give this article a read to know more!

Why Is Exercising Important For Teenage Girls?

Most girls gain extra pounds when they attain puberty. As your little girl enters womanhood, it is important to inculcate good eat

ing and fitness habits in her. A teenage girl should indulge in at least 60 minutes of exercise every day.

Workout Plans For Teenage Girl:

The ideal workout plan for teenage girl should be a good mix of cardio activities – swimming, running, cycling and different sports, resistance training and core strengthening.

Step 1 – Understand The Aim Of Exercising:

Make sure you help your teenage girl understand the importance of exercising regularly. It is a myth that exercising is important only for those who want to lose weight or tone their bodies. The fact is that exercising helps you become fit and keep lifestyle diseases at bay. Teenagers suffer from a lot of stress due to peer pressure. A regular fitness routine helps improve their physical and mental well-being to handle stress better.

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Step 2 – Watch That Diet:

A teenage girl needs 1800-2400 calories in a day. Although, the metabolic rate is pretty high among teenagers, still you must watch what your girl eats. Exercising helps burn calories, but an unhealthy diet can make her gain that stubborn fat. We are not asking your sweetheart to starve but make sure she eats a balanced diet. A healthy meal is one which includes all the essential nutrients in the right proportion. Try and teach her to say no to junk food and cola. Processed foods are high in calories and low on nutrition. Ask her to cut down her consumption of chips, energy drinks, chocolates, burgers, etc. Instead, encourage her to snack on fruits, fresh veggies, and nuts.

Step 3 – Don’t Ban Junk Food Completely:

While it is important to help your teenager keep off junk food, do not ban it completely. She sure can enjoy her favorite pizza but in moderation. Remember, while handling a teenager, you must switch gears from a strict disciplinarian to a friend, philosopher, and guide. A little tact on your part can help keep your adolescent’s rebel streak and temper tantrums in check.

Step 4 – Warm-Up:

Help your daughter to understand the concept of warm-ups. She should not hit the gym without performing a good warm-up exercise. It will help prepare her body to burn calories and prevent injuries while exercising.

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Step 5 – Cardio Workout:

Make sure you include a lot of cardio activities in her workout. These increase the heart rate and improve breathing and blood circulation. You must encourage your teenage daughter to run, jog, swim or take up any sport she likes. She can also join a dance class along with her friends, to make exercising fun. Or you two can simply go cycling together every morning.

Step 6 – Resistance Training:

Resistance training is extremely important to strengthen and tone muscles. Now this does not mean your girl must lift very heavy weights from day one. You can seek help from a professional trainer who can help her train with weights slowly and steadily.

Step 7 – Core Exercises:

Working on core muscles can do wonders to your girl’s posture. It can help strengthen her core muscles and increase their flexibility. A stronger core is essential to avoid injuries while performing daily activities.

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Tips To Make Exercising Fun For Your Teenage Girl:

Here are a few handy tips to encourage your teen to turn fab from flab:

  • Invest in cute workout clothes that she might be tempted to wear and show off. Teenagers love the idea of dressing up and looking their best even while sweating it out at the gym.
  • Discuss with her the many benefits of exercising and how it can add to her confidence. Ask her about her favorite celeb and tell her how getting fit will enhance her looks too.
  • Help her enroll in a sport or dance class with friends. You can rest assured she will never skip her fitness routine!

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  • Be a role model for your teenager by exercising regularly. You can teach her by example the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • If you are a working mother, reserve some time every weekend or an hour every day when you can go for walks or swim together. The idea is to indulge in activities where you two can spend quality time together while working on your fitness.
  • Workout time can a great time to listen to music. If you know your darling’s favorite numbers, surprise her by compiling and playing a playlist while working out together. Good music will boost her spirits to perform better at the gym.

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Things To Remember:

  • You can hire a professional trainer to help your teen learn how to exercise right and stay safe from injuries.
  • You must also consult a nutritionist to formulate a diet plan for your girl based on her weight, metabolism, age and other factors.

Hope you liked our post on daily workout routine for teenage girls. Tell us in the comments section if this workout plan helped your teenage girl get fit. Do share your teenage girl workout routine with us here.

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