3 Simple Tips To Make Your Teenager Independent

Make Your Teenager Independent

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Is your child soon ready to hit the ‘teen’ phase? Are you worrying how to maintain a balance between your teen’s need for independence and your concerns about safety? Are you finding it hard to find a middle path where both you and your teen agree?

Parenting a teen is undoubtedly one of the hardest challenges of being a parent. If you are already struggling, or worried about the approaching teenage years and providing independent living for teens, you should continue and read this post.

How Can I Create A Balance Between Giving My Teen Independence And Ensuring He Is Safe Too?

As your child enters the teenage years, he will ask for more and more independence. You will see his need for independence in small activities and even in simple routines of day to day life. This is the time when your teen will start understanding more about the adult world and how it feels to take responsibility. This is also the time when your teen is most prone to getting into risky behavior. T

rying to find a balance between independence and safety is often a challenge. This is the time when teenage independence comes into focus.

Here are a few pointers that can help maintain the relationship between independence and safety, keeping both your teen and you happy and safe:

1. Show Your Teen That You Love And Support Him:

This is one of the main pointers that will help you through the teenage years of your child. At this age, your teen will shy away from all acts of physical love and public display of parental love. But there are other ways to show you care.

  • Be interested in what your teen is doing.
  • Show an interest in your teen’s friends.
  • Show an interest in the hobbies and activities that interest your teen.
  • Be a good listener.
  • Give advice when you feel your teen is confused, but do it in a light and non-preachy way.
  • Tell your child that you love him. Try and say it as many times and at as many instances as you can.
  • Give your teen his privacy but make sure you include him in family activities and seek his opinion too.
  • Don’t be judgmental or opinionated.
  • Do not ridicule your teen in front of anyone else.
  • By doing all this you will help make your teen self-confident and happy. This will in turn make your teen more responsible.

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2. Respect Your Teen’s Emotions And Needs:

Your teen may not be an adult but that does not mean you don’t need to respect him. It is important to remember that during the teenage years, your child will be facing a lot of emotional, physical and psychological turmoil. This means that your teen will be confused, anxious and angry a lot of the time. But this is entirely natural and a part of growing up.

  • Respect your teen by hearing him out.
  • Let him feel valued by listening to his opinions or asking him about his views on important family matters. You don’t always have to do exactly what he says, but you should definitely give him a chance to share his views too.
  • This will also be a good way to show your teen that there may be differing views but there is still a way of reaching a conclusion that can work for all.
  • This is also a good way to be interactive with your teen. Your teen will feel respected and loved. This will encourage your teen to speak with you in an honest and fearless way.

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