5 Quick & Easy Ways To Help Your Teen Gain Weight

Teen Gain Weight

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Is your super active and super hyper teen always underweight and lankier than it is good for her? Is she looking at ways to increase her weight instead of losing it, like most teens seem to be preoccupied with? Are you trying to find out some safe measures for your teen to gain weight in a healthy way? If yes, then read on to know what to eat to gain weight fast for teenagers.

How To Gain Weight For Teens:

Here are some quick and healthy ways to gain weight for teenagers faster and in a healthier way:

1. Make Your Teen Consume More Calories Than What She Burns:

Your teen will gain weight if she is able to consume more calories in a day than what she burns throughout.

  • The extra calories will help your teen store it in her body for those times when she does not have anything to eat but her body needs energy.
  • Make sure your teen does not look for calories in junk food and processed ready to eat food. Instead, encourage her to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables as pa
    rt of her daily diet. To make it healthier and more effective, ask her to include lots of chicken, pasta, potatoes and bread in her diet too. To make use of more calories, your teen should ideally eat more meals in a day instead of a few big ones. At each meal, your teen should eat something healthy and filled with high calorie content.

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2. Muscle Mass Is More Weight:

Having more muscle means that your teen’s weight count will be higher.

  • In order to gain weight in a healthy way, your teen should increase her muscle mass.
  • Encourage your teen to get involved in structured exercises like weight lifting. It will make your teen’s body stronger by increasing the strength of her muscle and bones.

3. Add More Protein:

Including more protein in your teen’s regular diet is one of the healthier ways to know how to gain weight for teenagers.

  • Eating protein will help your teen’s body in building and repairing the muscle tissues.
  • Ensure your teen eats at least one gram of protein in relation to each pound of her body weight every day. Check with your doctor to see if it is safe for your teen to add some protein powder to her milk shakes or smoothies.

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4. Let Her Eat At Night:

While it is not advisable to eat at night, let your teen do so in order to gain the additional weight she wants to put on.

  • When your teen eats at night, it does not give her body the chance to burn off the calories before she goes to sleep.
  • Let her have a snack at night before she is just about to sleep. It will encourage more calorie pile up in her body.

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Points To Avoid While Trying To Gain Weight:

When your teen is trying to gain weight, make sure you help her avoid the following points:

  • Do not let your teen fall into the trap of taking weight gain supplements. In most cases, the supplements are not meant to be taken by anyone who is under the age of 18 as it can cause serious health issues and other damage.
  • Give it time and do not expect your teen will gain weight suddenly and fast. Your teen’s body will take time to adjust to the sudden change in routine and eating habits.
  • Make sure your teen does not start eating unhealthy calorie laden foods like junk and such. It will only make her fall sick and instead of a weight gain, it will make her turn obese.

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Hope you liked our post on how to gain weight for teens. Gaining weight is a time consuming task that should be achieved through a dedicated routine and plan. Make sure you help your teen know the right way to do so and help her avoid any negative ways to gain weight.

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