15 Best Educational Games For Your Teen

Educational Games For Your Teen

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Are you looking for some educational games for your teen? Is he getting bored at home and wants something fun to do? Do you want him to get away from the screen and instead learn something while he plays?

Educational games are a great way to pass the time while learning and doing something fun and creative. Read on to know these 15 interesting and fun educational games for teens that combine fun with education.

1. 3rd World Farmer:

3rd World Farmer is a serious thought-provoking game that will teach your teen about business strategy and simulation. The game is targeted at high school and college teens.

  • In the game, your teen has to manage a farm that is impoverished in a dry desert area of sub-Sahara Africa. It is a role play game that needs your teen to aim for survival. The game will give your teen an almost real feel of how life can be in extremely poor conditions.
  • The game will also give your teen a taste of the many struggles and hardships farmers have to go throug
    h extreme poverty. It shows the struggles of the farmers and their families in developing nations who are starving and struggling against nature and money. Your teen has to help the family head to change the small farm into a big success that makes money.

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2. Arm Surgery 2:

Arm Surgery 2 is an educational game for your teen if he wants to pursue the career of a nurse, doctor or any other medical profession.

  • Your teen will be at his first day of work at the hospital where he needs to save lives immediately.
  • Your teen has to start immediate surgery on a patient who has come in with an arm injury. He has to ask questions from the nurse for information and work with various instruments like scalpel, tongs and more. If you can be fast enough your patient will be better in no time. If your teen is not fast enough or makes mistakes, he will fail as a doctor for that particular patient.

3. Frontier:

Frontier is an economics based game that will also teach your teen about American history.

  • It will take your teen in the time of the Wild West. Your teen has to choose between being a trader and leading the life of nobility, or choosing a life of adventurous and petty crimes.
  • Your teen will need to be adept at buying, selling, fighting, recruiting, trading and surviving. All this will have to be done while your teen travels through the old days of America. He has to be able to buy and sell various goods in an attempt to become as successful as possible.

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4. Game Corp:

Game Corp is another business management game that will allow your teen to get involved in various business themes and strategized thinking.

  • Your teen has to take control over a company that deals in developing computer games. He has to work on the company from the start and has to take care of all essentials like hiring workers who can work as per requirement, develop projects for your workers to work and even create new games.
  • Your teen’s goal is to turn the company from a small one to a big and competitive brand.

5. Rolling Fall:

Rolling Fun is a game that is based on physics and will require your teen to apply basic rules of physics to play.

  • In the game, your teen has to cut through various chains at the right time to be able to throw out the heavy balls that are attached to them. The balls in turn will fall as per gravity and destroy the zombies below.
  • Your teen will have to use strategic planning to make sure he can destroy the zombies using physics laws.

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6. Airport Tycoon:

Airport tycoon is a strategy based game that will help your teen learn about various money and management skills.

  • Your teen will have to possess qualities in the game like an ability to look ahead to the future, be open to new ideas and have a positive and strong attitude.
  • The aim of this game is to successfully take charge of an airport and run it efficiently to get the highest scores. Your teen will have to look over building and maintenance of runways, airport cafes, staff areas, airport management, publicity strategies and more to ensure all goes smooth and they make money.