10 Popular Birthday Party Ideas For Teens

Birthday Party Ideas For Teens

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Are you planning to host a birthday party for your teen sometime soon? Do you want to plan some games and activities for the party that you can easily set up at home?

If you are looking for interesting & unique birthday party ideas for teens, read on to check them out.

Top Ten Teen Birthday Party Ideas For Teens:

Here are ten fun teenage birthday party ideas that are sure hit:

1. Guess Who Am I?

You Will Need:

  • A piece of paper for each player
  • A marker pen
  • Tape

How To:

  1. Write down a celebrity name on each piece of paper. Now tape one such paper on the back of each player.
  1. Each player can look at the names on the backs of the other players but have to keep quiet.
  1. The game is for each teen to guess the name on their back. To guess the celebrity name, they have to ask others about it, and the others can only answer with a yes or no.

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2. Hunt The M&M’s:

You Will Need:

  • Small Ziploc bags
  • M&M’s

How To:

  1. Place M&M’s in small Ziploc bags a
    nd place them in your garden, yard, porch, and other playing areas. Try and keep as many bags as you can to make it more fun.
  1. Divide the teens into teams.
  1. The players have to start looking for the bags full of M&M’s. Once they find the bag, they can take out only three candies of any color they want. Set a time within which each player has to collect as many M&M’s as they can and bring it back to the host of the game.
  1. Assign points for each M&M’s color, but you should not disclose them until all the players have come back with their loot. Once each player is back, count out the points and declare the winning team.

3. War Of Water:

You Will Need:

  • White t-shirts for each player
  • Some more spare clothes for the game
  • Food coloring
  • Water guns and water pipes

How To:

  1. Divide player into teams based on colors. Give them the food coloring as per their team, water and the water guns and pipes. All the players of the team have to add the color of their team to the water. Set a time within which they have to complete this task.
  1. Now ask each player to wear the plain white t-shirt and the spare clothes. The teams have to color the players of the other teams in their colors while avoiding getting colored themselves. The player who can avoid getting hit until the end wins along with his team.

4. Stuff Those M&M’s In The Mouth:

You Will Need:

  • M&M’s
  • An empty bowl

How To:

  1. Ask the teens to form a circle and sit.
  1. Place a bowl in the middle of the circle and fill it with the M&M’s.
  1. Each player has to get up and sit in the middle of the circle and pick out two M&M’s without looking. Once they have the candies, they have to open their eyes and see if the color matches. If it matches, they can eat it, and the next player goes in. If it does not match, they have to stuff it in their mouths and not eat it. They have to take turns and repeat the action until they reach a color match pair. Once they reach the matching colors, they can eat up the entire mouthful.
  1. Set a time for each player’s turn. If the player accidentally chews a candy or spits it out, it will be the turn of the next player.