Life With A Newborn - Everything You Need To Know


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Are you a to-be-mommy? Do you wonder how your life will be after your baby is born? If yes, then you will surely enjoy reading our post.

Congratulations! You’re a mom now! Motherhood brings loads of changes in your life. Along with the joys and surprises, there comes sleepless nights and regular sessions of diaper changing. Yes, it can be tough being a new mother. But please don’t get us wrong. The pros of having a baby far outweigh the cons. Read on to know more about the suspense and surprises that will come along with experiencing life with a newborn.

What Is Life Like With A Newborn?

Here we have discussed what exactly is cherishing the life with newborn baby:

1.You’ll Always Be On The Loop:

Everyone around you would want you to take rest, but is it even possible? During the initial weeks, your darling will spend most of his day and nights feeding every few hours. ! And just as you’re going to doze off, you will hear the howling of your baby waking up again. It is lik

e imagining the clock going on and off in every two hours for weeks straight. That’s just not fun!

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2. Tiredness:

Sleep deprivation will be there. You will be tired, and this is not the tiredness you feel while staying wide awake to watch your favorite award show and have a meeting in the morning the very next morning. The type of tiredness we are talking about will cause you depression, irritability, headaches, confusion and memory problems. So how to manage to sleep? We would say- sleep whenever and wherever possible! Shun the belief that you can get an 8 hours of sleep, So good luck!

3. You Will Feel Alone:

Yes, you will feel alone, despite having your spouse with you. So we would tell you to talk to mommies who are going through the same phase. If you find difficult to step out of your house, join some online forums. The groups will help you relate to other mother who are going through the similar trials are you are.

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4. Hormonal Breakdown:

New mothers stay in a low hormonal state because the progesterone levels drop down dramatically after the fall in the placenta. Don’t be surprised if you suffer a meltdown while shopping for a crib with your baby. Added to these is the lack of sleep that will make you sulk.

5. Confusion:

Looking after the baby will bring confusion along with anxiety. Should I breastfeed or bottle feed? Is my baby giving enough wet diapers? Is he/she breathing properly? Yes, you will inspect our infant’s breathing patterns more often than you can ever think. Do not let these minor issues worry you. Focus on what is the most essential- nursing your darling.

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6. Difficulty While Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is not as effortless as it looks. Many problems can like painful feeding, shortage of milk or the baby is not latching. If you are facing difficulty breastfeeding, then you must get aid ASAP. . You can seek help from a baby’s pediatrician or a lactation consultant.

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7. You Don’t Like The Way You Want:

New mommies look six to seven months pregnant even after the birth of the baby. Do not start criticizing your body just because you are out of shape. Just reminisce the most amazing thing you did, you brought life to the world! So always think positive and always remind yourself all the time that your figure will not stay like this eternally.

8. Lack Of Bond:

Do not expect your baby to get give an immediate return to your smile. Babies do not smile until a month or more. Remember, your baby needs sleep, warmth, and food. Provide his basic need first. You can bond with your baby later.

The first couple of weeks will be a bit too difficult, but it will pass soon. Trust us! The phase will be over even before you get to know about it. And you will soon realize that everything about your baby is awesome- from the yucky diapers to the waking up a plenty of times a night for feeding. It is a part and package and honestly, the best package that you could even get.

Hope you liked our post about life with a newborn baby. How was your experience with your newborn? Share with us and the other mothers in the comment section!

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