What Does A Newborn Baby Look Like?

Newborn Baby

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Are you going to step into the world of motherhood soon? Are you all wound up about how does a newborn baby look like? If this sounds like you, or someone you know, considering reading our post here.

New parents are inexperienced, but hey, that’s the point of being new? Once your little one enters the world, he may have certain unique features that may not be so appealing. But with the passage of time, she will become your cute baby, who is enchanting, charming and photogenic.

Here are some things that will help you understand what does a newborn baby look like:

Your Newborn Baby’s Head:

  • At birth, the newborn baby’s head is much larger than the rest of her body. So, don’t panic when you give birth, as a large headed scrawny infant is the norm. In some cases, her skull may also seem to be molded into funny shapes and designs. However, the skull hasn’t hardened yet to allow for smooth delivery, and she will gradually develop a normal shape within the first few weeks of her
  • The trauma of childbirth can leave a visible bruise or prominent marks on your little one’s body, especially her head. If you need a suction pressure device to bring the baby out, the bruises might be more prominent.

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Your Newborn Baby’s Eyes:

  • Your newborn baby’s eyes will be out of focus as if she is not able to visualize anything. The eyes go in different directions, and they cannot focus to a single point. The visual imparity is temporary and rectifies itself within a few weeks. After few weeks, she will be able to look at different objects and even respond to sounds.
  • During childbirth, the pressure of labor may make your infant’s eyelids swollen and puffy. But with gradual growth, the swelling reduces.

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Your Newborn Baby’s Skin:

  • Your newborn baby’s skin is encapsulated with a slippery white coating, termed as Vernix. This typical white coating protects the baby’s skin during pregnancy. The white transparent coating will wash off within the next one to two days.
  • Your baby’s skin is likely to appear more reddish or pinkish during the first few weeks. It is because the baby’s skin is extremely thin. As a result, the blood vessels beneath the skin surface are prominently visible.
  • You might also notice typical white bumps covering your newborn’s face. These harmless pimple-like rashes are Milia, and they disappear without human intervention, within a few weeks.
  • Acne neonatorum are pimples that appear on your newborn’s cheeks and forehead. The hormonal transmission from your body can lead to skin rashes in your baby. The rashes disappear after first few weeks.
  • Mongolian spots look like blue or purple-colored splotches. The typical skin rashes appear on your baby’s lower back and buttocks.

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Your Newborn Baby’s Hair:

While many newborn babies have a decent amount of thick hair at birth, some may have no hair at all. There is nothing to worry because the hair growth starts after first few weeks of birth. The color of the hair may also change.

Your Newborn Baby’s Nose:

At birth, your baby’s nose may appear to look flat or misshapen. But the nose will gradually gain a normal shape with the passage of time.

Your Newborn Baby’s Breasts:

Your newborn baby can have swollen breasts during the early stage of the life. It is a typical symptom of the hormonal transmission from the mother’s body. But the swelling reduces within few days or weeks. (1)

Newborns may have many variations in their appearance. But the parents need to have adequate information about such observable body features.

Hope you liked our post on what does a newborn baby look like. Are you proud parents of your newborn baby? How was your experience looking after newborn baby? Share it with other mommies here!

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