Everything You Must Know About Teen Pregnancy (Some Facts Might Even Shock You)

Everything You Must Know About Teen Pregnancy

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Teen pregnancy is a big problem. It has been a constant problem for the last couple of decades. Underage girls and teens get pregnant, without considering how it may affect their life, the baby, and their family.

Teens need to be aware about teen pregnancy statistics and understand how a pregnancy can change their life. Knowing the facts and effects helps you and your teen get a better understanding of the problem, and how you can prevent it.

The Main Problem:

According to statistics, 1 out of every 3 girls in U.S. becomes pregnant before she turns 20. More than 700,000 teens get pregnant every year. Often, a teen mother gets pregnant with her second child within a few years of having the first.

High School Drop Outs:

Teen pregnancy is one of the main reasons why teens drop out of school. More than half of all teen moms don’t graduate high school. The lucky ones get help and support from friends and family, as parents of teen moms find it difficult to support the mom and

the baby. Alternatively, some schools offer daycare programs, which help teen moms finish their graduation Unfortunately though, most schools don’t have such systems.

College Degrees:

College isn’t an option for most teen moms. If college is an option, it’s an option for later. Less than 2% of teen moms graduate college by the time they turn 30. Work, school and taking care of a baby is a daunting task and isto much for anyone. Many teen moms work minimum wage jobs to make ends meet.

A Difference In Races:

Many people may not know this, but race does have an impact on teen pregnancy. The 2008 teen pregnancy rate among Hispanic teens and African-American teens between the age of 15 and 19 was higher than the rate among “white” teenage girls. The reasons are debatable, as many think the poverty levels and lack of education are common causes.

Detailed Statistics of The United States:

The U.S has one of the highest TEEN pregnancy rates in the world. In 2011, the birthrate fell to a record low for the first time in 70 years.

Here’s why:

  • Schools offer health and sex education where they teach students how to prevent pregnancy and how it affects a girl’s life.
  • Parents are more involved with their children when it comes to educating them about sex. Parents are learning how to talk to their children about teen pregnancy instead of keeping the subject a taboo.
  • Television has also helped because of shows such as, 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, which show lives of teenagers who go through many issues due to of young pregnancy. Even magazines have started writing about teenage parents, birth control methods, and healthcare tips from professionals..

Single Teenage Moms:

Statistics show that 8 out of 10 teen dads do not marry the mother of their child and often, the relationship doesn’t last until baby’s first birthday. 20% of these young fathers get into a new relationship within 2 years of ending the previous relationship, and become a father again. Over 80% of teens eventually become single mothers, which is not an easy problem.

Prevention Through Communication:

As we mention above, parents need to communicate with their children even though the subject can be uncomfortable. The information (facts, contraceptives, dangers) can change their lives.

While teen pregnancy rates have dropped drastically over the last few years, it does not mean that is has stopped and that communication is no longer needed.

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