5 Useful Tips To Be A Successful Single Parent


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Most often parents do not consider the option of raising their kids on their own with a real intention behind it. But circumstances change, leaving them to wonder how they are going to handle everything on their own. If you are in such a situation, you must always remember that there are many parents out there who are doing this tedious task with great ease every single day.

Concerns for Single Parents:

Single parenting is on the rise in the recent times and the three main reasons behind this are:

  • Spouse’s sudden demise
  • Personal choice to remain separate
  • Divorce

When any one of these reasons influences your life at any one point of time, you might feel too much pressure on your shoulders. This would cause you to feel low sometimes. The following are the 5 different stages which most of the single parents undergo when they head the responsibility of being the bread earner and taking care of the financial shortcoming. Added to that playing the dual role of dad and mom t

o your kid:

1. Denial is a blend of feeling guilty about what has occurred and denying the occurrence of an incident. This is more when the spouse has an earlier death.

2. Anger is what one would feel at his/her partner who has left them to another person or has died suddenly.

3. Negotiation stage, where one might bargain with the spouse who has left.

4. Depression occurs when the person realizes that nothing is going to change the situation and the feeling begins to sink in that he or she is all alone now.

5. Acceptance stage, which would make the person to accept the situation and acknowledge it by thinking what their next move must be.

Problems Faced By Single Parents:

You might have just become a divorcee, a widow or separated from your “better half” for some personal reason. Or you may have been a single parent for many years. In any case, but the problems you face are not going to magically vanish as some people around you are not ready to change their perspective for you. You might or might not (if you are lucky!) face the following issues:

  • Your family members or friends, who are not single parents, may not be able to understand your perspective towards work/life issues.
  • To some, you are available to a romantic date as your relationship status is single, even if you are not ready for it.
  • Being a single parent for your family means that you are the head of your family, which make it easier for strangers or family members to cheat you.
  • Friends and family would begin to poke their noses into your family issues and shoot personal queries thinking that your life is actually their business!
  • You might vent your anger or frustration with your kids, which would make them feel miserable, giving rise to alienation.
  • Your kid may make your life more troublesome by asking questions about your spouse – Where is Mom? Why has not Dad come home yet?, etc.

Successful Tips on Single Parenting:

Raising a kid or kids on your own, without the support of your better half, is not an easy thing to do as you will have to single-handedly face a fair share of concerns, dilemmas and other issues. However, don’t lose heart over any issue! You can cope up the stress with great amount of planning and with these simple tips.

1. Don’t Try Beyond Your Limit:

Remember that you are a human being and not a person with supernatural powers. Do not try to add unnecessary pressure by trying to achieve something which is beyond your reach, be it life ambitions or career goals. Don’t think, I have to be the BEST single mom/dad ever. Think – I am going to do my BEST to be a great parent for my kids.