32nd Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes

32nd Week Pregnancy

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Pregnancy or maternity or gestation or gravidity is the most beautiful phase that you will go through. Gestation features three different trimesters. The 1st trimester covers week one to week twelve- including conception. The fertilized egg moves to the fallopian tube and attaches to the inner lining of the uterus, where there are the fetus and the placenta. The 2nd trimester covers the thirteenth to the twenty-eighth week. During this phase, your baby moves into the uterus. The 3rd trimester constitutes the twenty-ninth to the fortieth week. It is a crucial part of pregnancy, where the fetus matures and gets ready to come out into the world.

As you are now 32 weeks pregnant and in the third trimester, you need to be extra careful in this crucial time. It is a vital stage of pregnancy as, during the phase, your baby grows and develops all her essential organs and body parts to support life outside the womb (1).

Changes In The Body During 32nd Week Pregnancy:

There are various mental and physical changes that take place in your body during the start of pregnancy and beyond. At the 32nd-week pregnancy phase, your body develops to support your unborn baby. Here we mention few changes that occur in the 32nd week of pregnancy:

  1. Sore or inflated breasts with hardened nipples to enable your baby to breastfeed easily.
  1. Anxiety and emotional fluctuations because your baby matures.
  1. Morning sickness
  1. Darkened nipples: The areolas or the skin around the nipple tends to get darker from around eight weeks of pregnancy. During the 32ndweek, your nipples might get erect and hard.
  1. Bulged veins visible from outside
  1. The bump is bigger now, and it will attract a lot of attention. The top of your uterus has risen within the bump, and you might have some trouble breathing. This breathing problem is natural as the growing uterus puts pressure on the diaphragm, and hence you feel suffocation, which also leads to heartburn.
  1. Once past the 32nd week of pregnancy, increase the amount of blood in your body by 40-50%. The elevated blood level in your body supports you as well as your baby. The increased amount of blood also makes up for the loss of blood that takes place during delivery.
  1. During pregnancy, your body goes through different types of physiological and psychological changes. There could be cardiovascular changes, metabolic and respiratory changes, hematologic changes or renal changes. These are fairly normal, and you needn’t worry so much. However, if you feel uncomfortable or face difficulties while coping with these changes, you should consider consulting your doctor and following his advice.
  1. After the 32 weeks of pregnancy, one major point is the labor pain that erupts. Labor pain occurs during delivery. It starts when the woman is “at term” and the baby inside has developed fully. Your baby may be ready to come out and hence is thrusting itself to come out. Unless there is a medical need, a normal delivery is preferable, and a Caesarean section may be risky. However, with the advances in the medical technology, more women prefer to go for a Caesarean section operation than a natural delivery.
  1. Pre-term birth or birth before the completion of the 37 weeks involves a lot of risks. It might result in complication during pregnancy as well as adversely affect the health of your newborn, and she may become more susceptible to diseases. If your water breaks before the completion of 37 weeks, then birth is obviously unavoidable.
  1. The postnatal period begins after the birth when you need to take extra care of your child to make her a strong and healthy little girl.

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32 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms:

You have begun your third trimester or the home stretch. What symptoms can you expect? We list some of them here, which include:

  1. Acne, rashes or discoloration of skin around breasts or face.
  1. Swollen ankles, fingers.
  1. Constipation.
  1. Increased urination which is visible from the first few weeks and extends to the 32th week. It is because your kidneys are working harder to increase the supply of blood and support hormonal changes and growth of the fetus.
  1. Indigestion.
  1. Vomiting occurs but slowly in the period of 32 weeks it reduces to medicinal intake.
  1. Stretch marks on the belly. It is because of the enlarged tummy as a baby has grown inside.
  1. Changes in the sex desires where you can sometimes lose interest in sex or become more prone to sex.
  1. Low self-esteem due to the loss of flawless skin and gorgeous looks.
  1. Contractions and powerful cramps in the stomach, back, thighs and legs.
  1. Nausea.
  1. Trauma and shock resulting in shivers.
  1. Episiotomy: The cut that is made during the delivery for the easy taking out of the baby.
  1. Bowel problems.
  1. High Blood Pressure.
  1. Mental imbalance or psychosis.
  1. Soreness and numbness in few parts of the body.
  1. Bleeding after birth.
  1. Flabby and swollen tummy.
  1. Exhaustion and fatigue.
  1. Cracked nipples.
  1. There may be certain discharges from the vagina during the week 32 of pregnancy. Milky white colored fluids tend to ooze out from the vagina. It is because estrogen and progesterone the two female hormones increase the supply of the blood to the vaginal area.
  1. Itching in the vaginal area is also common. If itching also accompanies an offensive odor, then there could be an infection in the vagina. If you do suffer from an infection, consult your doctor about it immediately.
  1. During the 32 week, it might happen that your nipples ooze out colostrums.
  1. Contractions become common.

Tips For 32nd Week Pregnancy:

The symptoms of 32nd week pregnancy can overwhelm you. But stay strong mommy. Let’s help you out with some simple tips and warnings.

  • Eat Nutritional Food And Maintain A Proper Diet:

As a pregnant mom, you need to consume at least 300 extra calories every day to ensure that your baby is fit and healthy. One glass of milk (skimmed and low-fat), apples, and bread are a must during 32 week pregnancy.

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  • Consume Calcium-Rich Food:

Calcium helps form your baby bones. Calcium also helps keep your strengths up, by trigger iron absorption in your body. Calcium not only helps build bones and lowers blood pressure, but it also has a direct effect on anemia. Consume foods like soymilk, eggs, fruits, etc.

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