How Big Is Your Baby - Week By Week Fruit Comparison

How Big Is Your Baby Week By Week Fruit Comparison

Fruit Comparison

You have just discovered that you are pregnant. A little life is growing inside you – how awesome is that? Now you are scouring the net to find out as much as you can about your growing baby. Let us lend you a hand!

As your pregnancy progresses, your baby will grow. But there is no way for you to track this growth, other than frequent ultrasound scans. But to give you an idea, we have compiled this week on week comparison of your growing baby with easily recognizable eatables. Can’t wait to know your baby fruit size? Then hop on!

Week By Week Baby Size Comparison To Fruit:

Week 4:

Week 4

Image: Shutterstock

You may just have got your BFP (Big Fat Positive aka a positive home pregnancy test!). So, what will be your baby size compared to fruit this week?

A Poppy Seed! That’s right!

Week 5:

Week 5

Image: Shutterstock

This is the time when most women discover that they are pregnant. You may just start getting those early pregnancy symptoms now! And your baby?

She is as big as a sesame seed this week! A sesame seed that looks like a tadpole – that’s your baby!

Week 6:

Week 6

Image: Shutterstock

So, has morning sickness arrived yet? This is a magical week. You may ask for an ultrasound this week and discover a heartbeat. The first sign of life!

And how big is your baby size in fruit by week six?

A lentil with a heart!

Week 7:

Week 7

Image: Shutterstock

Now your baby is growing at a rapid pace. She has doubled her size since week six! She is now as big as a …

Blueberry! That’s quite a jump.

Week 8:

Week 8

Image: Shutterstock

Your baby is taking on a humanoid form now. She is constantly wriggling and moving around. But she is too tiny for you to feel the movements. She is now as big as a Raspberry!

Week 9:

Week 9

Image: Shutterstock

This is another landmark week. You may just be able to pick up your baby’s heartbeat with a Doppler. She is now as big as a grape!

Week 10:

Week 10

Image: Shutterstock

What do a prune, and your baby have in common? Their size! At ten weeks, your baby is as big as a prune and weighs around 4g.

Week 11:

Week 11

Image: Shutterstock

A lime! That’s how big your baby is this week. The webbing between her fingers and toes are on their way out!

Week 12:

Week 12

Image: Shutterstock

Though your baby is still tiny – about the size of a plum, all her internal organs are almost fully formed!

Week 13:

Week 13

Image: Shutterstock

Your baby’s vocal cord is taking shape this week. She is as big as a peach by week 13.

Week 14:

Week 14

Image: Shutterstock

Your baby size by fruit is as big as a lemon by week 14! All her organs are developing at a rapid speed right now. You have also reached the end of the dreaded 1st trimester. It’s time to say goodbye to morning sickness.

Week 15:

Week 15

Image: Shutterstock

You may finally be ‘showing’ this week. Get ready for all those ‘are you pregnant’ questions. Well, now your baby is almost as big as an apple, and her growth is gaining momentum!

Week 16:

Week 16

Image: Shutterstock

Your tiny one is growing. If the size of baby compared to fruit, she is as big as an avocado! Make a note because you’ll be feeding her a lot of avocado when she starts on solid food.

Week 17:

Week 17

Image: Shutterstock

An Onion! That’s how big your baby is this week. With her skeleton system hardening and fat accumulating, your baby is on her way to being a chubster.

Week 18:

Week 18

Image: Shutterstock

Did you feel some fluttering in your belly? That may just be your baby moving around. As big as a sweet potato, your baby is at home in your uterus right now!