30th Week Pregnancy - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes


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You have already covered the major part of a wonderful journey – and now it’s just a few more weeks before the biggest love of your life would be entering this world. But you need to believe in one thing : you are going to cuddle your baby in your arms, and it is going to be beautiful!

Your baby makes everything right, including the low esteem, tight clothes, fatigue, mood swings, desperation and weight gain. Gloria Steinem, an American feminist, journalist, and social and political activist was not exaggerating when she said, “Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one”. In this post, we give you a complete overview of the changes both you and your baby undergoes in the week 30.

Changes In Your Body During 30th Week Of Pregnancy:

If you cannot wait for your due date to arrive, do not feel guilty. This is a common feeling that every woman in her last stages of pregnancy experiences. It does not mean you do

not want to nourish your baby in your womb anymore; it is just the drastic physical and emotional changes you are unable to cope with. Hang in there, and it will all be over soon. You will not even remember the pregnancy or childbirth experience once you lay your eyes on the beautiful angel that is your own reflection!

  • The most apparent change is weight gain, but you do not see any dramatic changes every week anymore. You may gain nearly 450 grams of weight every week, since your baby is having a growth spurt before making her grand entrance into the world.
  • You need to be on a balanced and nutritious diet, since your baby will require a lot more nutrients now.
  • Do not forget to rule out Group B Strep infection (a type of bacterial infection) in your vagina or rectum. Though this is fairly harmless to you, it can lead to serious infection in your baby after birth. Most hospitals administer antibiotics to women who have tested positive for group B strep when they are in labor to keep the baby safe.
  • Keep the lower back pain under control by maintaining a right posture and regular exercise.
  • If you tire easily do not panic. This is a common symptom in the last trimester of your pregnancy, especially if you are having tough time sleeping. Try adopting a position which makes you comfortable, no matter how weird it looks.
  • It is not just the size of your belly that disturbs your sleep; weird dreams can contribute to sleeplessness as well. Some scientists believe that disturbed sleep during pregnancy prepares the mother to wake at odd hours after childbirth to attend her baby after delivery.

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  • Your sugar levels may shoot up during pregnancy. There is no need to panic, since gestational diabetes can be tackled deftly with proper diet and healthy lifestyle. It does not continue to affect your life after childbirth.
  • Anemia is another condition you may have to watch out for. Low count of hemoglobin can lead to iron deficiency as well, since it is the protein in these red blood cells that contain iron. Deficiency of iron can lead to developmental problems in your baby. Hence, consult your healthcare provider who may recommend iron rich diet or iron supplement for you.

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  • If your body aches, listen to those warning signals and take it easy until your baby is born. Your comfort and baby’s health should top your list of priority. Everything else can be sidelined.
  • As your baby grows, it fights for space with your bladder and other internal organs. Since the baby is squeezing your bladder, you will feel full more often. Visits to the loo can be tiresome; moreover, when you see that you had to pee just a little it may annoy you. Take it easy; empty your bladder completely before walking out. This may help you gain some time before another visit and also help prevent UTIs.
  • Be ready for mood swings and emotional shift any time during the third trimester. All of a sudden you may start doubting your parenting skills and wonder if you and your partner are really ready for the baby. The emotional pangs can happen during your second pregnancy as well. You may wonder whether you should have waited a little, or will you be able to do justice to both your children and many other such thoughts. Just accept this as a normal occurrence of emotional shift due to hormonal changes during your pregnancy.
  • You may find yourself reaching for the tissues more often than before, since you are having more intense emotional responses now. Your pregnancy makes you emotionally fragile. It is nature’s way of making you ready to nurture and love your baby unconditionally.
  • You may read your favorite book without even realizing you are turning pages, since you find it difficult to focus on any task at hand. Your mind has decided to wander away whenever it feels like; whether you like it or not. Try to bribe, cajole or motivate yourself to do important tasks at hand. But if you cannot then forgive yourself. You are not alone in losing battle against being focused during the third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Do not hesitate to share your experiences, fears and pains with your partner. At this stage, your partner may have become used to listening to pregnancy tales and may not respond with excitement at everything you say, but that does not mean he has stopped caring for you and for his baby.

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