How To Handle Salty Food Cravings During Pregnancy?

Food Craving

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Do you experience extreme food cravings during pregnancy? Do you find yourself dying to eat those awesome French fries? Are you fond of eating salty foods during your pregnancy? If you said yes, consider reading our post. Here we look at pregnancy salty cravings.

What Is A Food Craving?

The sudden urge to eat specific kind of food during pregnancy is a food craving. Pregnant mothers experience extreme food cravings during the first and second trimester of pregnancy. The cravings may different for each mom. Some may crave for sweet delicacies while others may crave salty or spicy foods (1).

Causes Of Food Cravings During Pregnancy:

With the onset of pregnancy, your body’s hormonal imbalance is disturbed. The increased level of hormones initiates the notion of food cravings in the early stages of pregnancy. In fact, pregnant women experience a food-specific craving at least once during pregnancy.

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Craving Salty Foods During P

During pregnancy, the body may lack certain important nutrients. If the pregnant mom has a low sodium level in her diet, she might crave for salty and spicy food. Moreover, pregnancy increases your blood’s volume. The increased blood volume could be one of the reasons you crave salty food.

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How To Handle Pregnancy Salty Cravings?

Here are some of the effective ways to help curb your food cravings during pregnancy:

  • Include your cravings in your daily diet-Try to spice up your diet plan, by adding salty and spicy menus. You can add a bit of spice or few drops of lemon to relish your dish.
  • Find healthier options-Instead of eating salty potato chips and fries, include baked chips in your diet. Baked items reduce the fat content and cholesterol level of the body.
  • Do not buy items in bulk- if you are craving for salty food, you can have 1-2 servings of the food daily. But do not buy the food packet, in bulk. Excess consumption of salty foods can imbalance your body’s nutritional requirement and turn you obese.
  • Distract yourself-During pregnancy, take time out and listen to music or go for a walk. If you sit idle, you may always feel an urge of hunger and may experience intense food cravings.

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Popular Salty Foods Pregnant Woman Crave:

So, we know that it’s near impossible to predict what salty food you crave during pregnancy, but here’s a list to begin:

  • Potato Chips:

Salty potato chips help to satisfy your pregnancy cravings. Women who lack sodium content can crave potato chips.

  • Pickle:

Pickles have been the typical pregnancy craving culprit. The increase in the blood volume increases the need for sodium, which makes you crave salty and tangy flavors.

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  • Salt:

Some women crave normal salt.

  • Vinegar:

Vinegar adds that tangy taste to your recipe. Mix few drops of vinegar in a salad or fish preparation can alleviate the taste and curb your food cravings.

  • Cheese:

During pregnancy, your body needs an adequate amount of calcium for the proper bone development of the unborn baby. The calcium-rich dairy product, cheese can enhance your nutritional intake and curb your salty food craving.

  • Lemon:

You can use lemon to prepare lemonade or even use raw lemon to curb pregnancy cravings. During second and third trimester, women crave for sour and salty foods. Lemon can add flavor to your diet and help to satisfy your intense food cravings.

With the inclusion of salty and tangy food elements in your diet, you can easily deal with salty food cravings during your special time.

Did you have experience of craving salty foods while pregnant? How did you control your salty cravings during pregnancy? Share your story with other mommies here!

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