How To Induce Labor With Acupressure?

How To Induce Labor With Acupressure

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Your due date has come and gone, but your little one has not yet made an appearance? We understand your concern. It looks like your baby is not in a hurry to arrive into the world and that’s giving you many a sleepless night. Have you thought about alternate options to give you relief, such as acupressure?

Acupressure, which involves stimulating certain points of the body, can induce labor naturally and effectively. You may already know about this fact, but is it really effective? Let’s find out.

Acupressure Points To Induce Labor:

Acupressure is an age-old practice with origins in China. There are many positive aspects and benefits associated with the use of acupressure therapy during pregnancy.

  • The therapy works by stimulating different points on the body and maintaining the flow of energy throughout the body, removing any blockages around the way.
  • It is thought to stimulate labor and also help ease pain and discomfort associated with the different stages of labor by
    stimulating the release of endorphin, which are the natural painkillers of the body.

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Points To Note Before Trying Acupressure:

It is important to note that acupressure and point stimulation practices must be tried only after 41 weeks of pregnancy, or they may trigger uterine contractions which may lead to a premature birth or even a miscarriage.

  • Though acupressure is not validated by allopathic practitioners, many alternate health experts believe it helps women deal with the pains of labor better.
  • Your body will not go into labor unless and until it is ready. Still, as there are no negative impacts associated with the use of acupressure to induce labor, it can be actually used effectively.
  • Do make sure you are in a proper setting with your healthcare provider while having an acupressure session, just in case you might go into labor real soon!

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Acupressure Points That Induce Labor:

It is important to note that you always have a doctor’s opinion before trying acupressure as a way to induce labor. Here are some points on the body that when stimulated, are thought to induce uterine contractions and labor. Check out here the best acupressure points for inducing labor:

1. Your Hand:

The webbed area between the thumb and the first finger is one of the most common points that are stimulated to induce labor.

While the stimulation techniques may vary, this pressure point is usually pressed for a few seconds and then release, and then pressed again.

2. The Ankle:

The ankle is known to have two pressure points that stimulate labor. The first pressure point is located outside the ankle just behind the bony prominence.

  • The first pressure point is usually tender to touch, and can be easily stimulated by gentle rubbing.
  • The other pressure point is located above the ankle and inside the leg, which can be a bit tricky to reach and stimulate.

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3. The Lower Back:

The lower back is also a great area that holds many pressure points.

  • These pressure points, when stimulated, may help the release of hormones that induce labor.
  • This is why, massaging the lower back is recommended to induce labor in women who have crossed their due date.

If you try stimulating any of these points and feel pain, stop immediately. These stimulation techniques must help you induce labor effortlessly and not cause discomfort or pain. It is also important to note that different points work for different women. You may try stimulating any one of these points at a time to see how your body reacts to it.

Do you think acupressure points to induce labor can help? Have you gone through the phase before? Do let us know in the comments box below.

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