Lead Exposure During Pregnancy - Everything You Should Be Aware Of

Lead Exposure During Pregnancy

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Are you an expecting mom? Do you know that lead exposure can be harmful to both you and your baby? If you did not, read our post and learn about the dangers of lead exposure and how to protect yourself.

During the gestation phase, exposure to lead particles can have negative impacts on your pregnancy. Some of pregnancy complexities you can encounter include miscarriage, preterm delivery, and stillbirth. For the unborn baby, there arise risks of behavioral problems or subtle learning in the early childhood.

Here, we look at certain preventive measures to minimize risks of lead exposure while pregnant.

Lead Exposure while Pregnant:

If your body gets contaminated with lead particles in past or present, it encompasses a threat for your unborn baby. When you are inhaling the lead particles, it directly enters the bloodstream and passes through the placenta to the unborn baby. The lead particles enter into your baby’s developing bones and other organs (1).

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Side Effects Of Lead Poisoning In Babies:

If you suffered from lead exposure in past, the stored lead exists in your bones and teeth. If your pregnancy diet does not comprise enough amount of calcium, the baby may not get calcium for proper bone development. Lead exposure can affect your unborn child’s brain development and induce developmental problems.

Some of the other health problems in babies are:

  • Lowered Intelligence
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Difficulty to concentrate
  • Decreased Coordination

Preventing Lead Exposure During Pregnancy:

1. Avoid Lead-Based Wall Paints:

If you are renovating your house or getting it painted, keep away from the dust. The dust contains harmful leads particles, which may enter your body through inhalation. In your pregnancy period, if your home is going through a renovation process shift to any other temporary location. It is advisable to return to the home only after the cleaning job is complete, and the inspector has inspected for the presence of lead.

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2. Eat A Calcium Rich Diet:

To minimize effects of lead exposure during pregnancy, consume a healthy and well-balanced diet rich in calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin C. Adequate intake of calcium decreases the release of lead from the bones. According to some medical researchers, women who consume prenatal vitamins face a lower risk of lead release in their body.

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3. Consult Your Doctor:

It is important to consult with your doctor and tell him about the prenatal vitamins you consume. Certain home remedies and dietary supplements can have lead in them. Your doctor may suggest proper eating habits and precautionary measures, to limit lead exposure in pregnancy.

4. Avoid Certain Areas:

Some of the outdoor areas may increase lead exposure. Construction sites are quite polluted. So, stay away from building sites and avoid contact with such dusty areas during your gestation phase. Even when you are going out in a polluted region, after coming home change your clothes and take a shower. If your husband works in a construction site, as him to leave his work shoes outside the home and keep the clothes separately.

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5. Store Food Properly:

Some of the dishes you use are made of porcelain or ceramic substances, which can contain lead. So, avoid using such containers to store food during your pregnancy. Check whether the crockery you use is safe. Moreover, avoid using brass containers to cook or store food (2).

With proper precautionary measures, you can limit lead exposure during your delicate phase of pregnancy and enhance the well-being of your unborn baby.

Did you encounter lead exposure during your pregnancy? What were the negative impacts you faced? Tell us about your experiences below. Fellow mommies would love to hear from you.

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