Is It Safe To Eat Spicy Food During Breastfeeding?

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Congratulations! You’re a proud mother of a little baby. The joy of holding your own baby in your arms is something that cannot be described in words- its pure joy.

Your delicate little bundle of joy needs all your attention and care for first crucial years of his life- and you’ll probably want to do everything that’s right for him.

Breastfeeding is one of the best things you could do for your little baby- why? Well, the benefits of breast milk go way beyond the benefits of plain bottle milk. Breast milk provides your baby many important nutrients and immune-system boosters. Here in this post you will learn whether spicy foods while breastfeeding is good or bad.

Spicy Food While Breastfeeding – Is it Okay?

As a new mother, you may be concerned about the various factors associated with breastfeeding, and often, you may come across some age-old myths and beliefs associated with breastfeeding that may get you all confused.

You may have heard of how you should avoid consuming

spicy foods if you’re breastfeeding your baby- well, experts believe that eating spicy food while breastfeeding could have little or no impact on your baby.

Its true- the food that you consume during your pregnancy and lactation period has a huge impact on the health of your baby, and consumption of certain foods may actually change the flavour and taste of breast milk; however, this may not always be harmful for your baby.

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When Not to Consume Spicy Foods?

The human body is a complex system of organs, and every body system is different from the other. Needless to say, if your neighbor’s baby doesn’t experience any problems whatsoever when her mom gobbles down spicy foods, while your baby does; don’t worry.

It is best to check which foods your baby is more comfortable to, and stick to those for the rest of the lactation period. Just as in pregnancy, consuming foods that are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals are important during breastfeeding. Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Avoid processed and packaged foods that contain chemical additives.

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If you’ve recently consumed something spicy, and if you want to check your baby’s receptivity to such foods, look for the following symptoms-

  • Your baby gets fussy and irritated during breastfeeding.
  • Your baby starts to cry after consumption of breast milk.
  • Your baby tosses and turns in your lap, refusing to take breast milk.

If your baby displays any of these symptoms particularly during breastfeeding, chances are that he may not be comfortable with spicy foods.

The Garlic Study:

You may know garlic for its flavour and its impressive cholesterol busting properties, but it turns out, there’s much more to it than meets the eye. A recent study conducted on lactating women revealed how women consuming garlic during lactation could actually help boost appetite among their kids.

The researchers found that when a mother’s milk has a garlicky taste/odour, the baby tends to feed for a longer time.

The Bottom line:

If you’ve been smoking or drinking, now is the time to stop it. Nicotine and alcohol can have adverse effects on your baby’s health, and may put him at a risk of many complications.

In many parts of the world such as Thailand, Mexico, India and China, spices and peppers are a part of daily food preparations, and women from these parts of the world often do not need to make changes to their diet while breastfeeding.

Similarly, if you find your baby getting all cranky and irritated after breastfeeding, make a mental note of what you’ve consumed sometime back, and mark out patterns to check which foods your baby is comfortable with.

Hope you liked our post on spicy food while breastfeeding. Good luck!

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