How To Massage Your Baby?

How To Massage Your Baby

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Congratulations on having a little baby! It’s time to welcome your little bundle of joy into this world and give her everything she needs.

As a parent, you are probably very keenly paying attention to the little aspects of your baby’s wants and needs life – her clothes, her food, her bath supplies etc. As your baby starts growing, you may also need to start implementing massages to strengthen her bones and muscles, and get her more active and energetic.

It is believed that massaging the baby yourself can help strengthen your bond with her. There are a number of benefits of baby massage—better sleep, relief from colic pain, improvement in motor skills, enhanced intellectual development and even improvement in the baby’s immune system.

It is very important for a mother to know about the techniques of massaging a baby to provide its maximum benefits (and avoid unintentional injury!). This article discusses about techniques used to massage various body parts of your baby.

Baby Massage Essentials:

Before you start with a massage, you will need a few essentials.

  • Massage oil or lotion
  • Warm towel
  • Light blanket
  • Diaper

Tips on How To Massage A Baby:

  1. Before massage, always make sure that your baby is in a happy, alert mood.
  2. You must sit on the floor or on any flat surface, forming a diamond shape with your legs to rest your baby comfortably.
  3. Place a towel or a blanket over your feet and knees.
  4. Remove clothes and diaper from your baby and place her on the blanket, resting her head on your feet.
  5. Begin with a tender stroke from head to feet and see if your baby enjoys this, then continue massaging each body part, or you must stop if she is not feeling comfortable and try another day.

1. Legs:

Beginning massage with legs would be best as they are less delicate than other body parts.

  • Lift one of the legs by ankle and cheerfully tap the upper thigh.
  • Gently stroke from thigh down to the foot and rotating in each direction a few times.
  • Grasp the leg at thigh with both your hands and slowly stroke down from thigh to the foot, like how you would wring a towel.
  • Massage heels up to toes with your thumb over thumb position. Then, using your palm, stroke the bottom and top of baby’s foot. Slowly, make circles with your thumb all over the bottom of each foot.
  • At last, lightly squeeze and exert force over each toe.

2. Arms:

After the legs, its time to move on to the arms for a massage.

  • Hold baby’s wrist in your hand and relax it by lightly tapping on the upper arm.
  • Lift your baby’s wrist in one of your hand; keeping your other hand around baby’s upper arm, cheerfully tap the upper arm.
  • Gently stroke from upper arm down to the lower portion, rotating in each direction a few times.
  • Grasp the upper arm with both of your hands and slowly stroke down from upper arm to the lower arm, like you are “milking”. Repeat these strokes on hands.
  • Hold her palms and massage with your thumbs by tracing “circles”.
  • Stroke from wrist to fingertips and then lightly squeeze and exert force over each finger.
  • Wrists should be massaged while holding with your finger in encircling form.

3. Chest:

Massaging the chest can get playful — your baby will most certainly love and enjoy it!

  • Set both your hands in prayer position on your baby’s chest and gently stroke outwards from middle of the chest towards the shoulders.
  • Starting from the upper portion of the chest, trace a heart shape with your hands while taking them up to the shoulders and then bringing them down and back together. Repeat these steps several times.
  • From one side of baby’s hip up to the opposite shoulder, gently stroke in a crisscross pattern.