How Do You Prevent Your Baby From Getting Over Stimulated?


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Has your baby been crying a lot lately? Is she unusually cranky and cries without any obvious reason?

If you think your baby’s crying mostly happens in the event of the above situations, chances are you have an overstimulated baby. Read on to know how you can soothe your baby and prevent overstimulation:

What Is Overstimulation?

Overstimulation is a condition in which your baby has had an overload of experiences (1). This could be an especially long play time, a long period of continuous walking or exposure to too many noises, sights and things that she can comfortably enjoy. Some of the most common scenarios where your baby may feel over-stimulated are at a party with lots of strangers and noise, a trip to a busy market, spending a lot of time in the car and such.

Being over-stimulated is another way of saying that your baby is overly exhausted. If your baby has not slept properly and is involved in constant activity, it can affect her both physically and emotionally. B

eing over-stimulated means your baby has already passed the stage of being tired enough to rest, and her exhaustion levels are now at peak. When this happens, your baby’s stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin will flow into her blood stream. This will increase her state of being aware, can speed up her heart rate and may cause tension in her muscles. Even though her body is excessively fatigued, her mind will be alert and ready.

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How Do I Know About Overstimulated Baby?

There are many signs to confirm that your baby is over-stimulated. She will most often show her discomfort by crying a lot, without any obvious reason. Instead of getting ready to sleep, she will end up being hyperactive. Your baby can be over-stimulated if she sleeps less than what she should at her age. Understand how much sleep she needs at her age and ensure she gets it (2).
Your baby may find it difficult to fall off to sleep and may wake up at the slightest sound. She may have very short nap times, sometimes as small as 20 to 30 minutes, or not want to sleep at all during the day.

Your baby may also be uncomfortable or disinterested in feeding during the day, but will feed normally at night. At night, your baby may either wake up excessively or not at all. Your baby may also have a short attention span and find it difficult to concentrate. She will need your constant attention while she is awake and may want to be held or consoled. Even when she is in your arms, she may cry or whine, and cry a lot when put down. Your baby may want to be rocked all the time and may not want to sit in a pram, crib or in her cot.

When your baby is over-stimulated, she will experience severe stranger or separation anxiety. She may not settle down in your absence and may be extremely agitated around strangers. In addition, your baby may either want to feed or eat a lot, or always fall asleep while feeding.

Most of the signs of having an over stimulated baby shared above are very common. When your baby is over-stimulated, she will display these signs more frequently and with more intensity.

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How Do I Prevent My Baby From Getting Over-stimulated?

To prevent baby overstimulation, you will have to look out for the warning signs of overstimulation in babies in advance. Your baby will be growing at a rapid pace. Her brain develops at a very fast pace, and she would constantly look for more stimulation. It may sound tempting, but you need to stop helping her learn something through every activity she is involved in. Your baby will have her learning moments, but it is also important to give her the much-needed quiet time.

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Time her activities when she is well fed and rested. Do not force her to be around strangers, if she is uncomfortable. Lastly, let her know that you are always around.

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