How To Teach Your Babies To Sit?

Learn To Sit

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Holding your new born baby in your hands is the best feeling ever! Every moment thereafter is full of excitement and joy. All the ‘firsts’ of your baby are cherished lifelong. You love the fact that your baby is dependent on you for everything. It gives you a sense of belongingness and binds you two closer.

Yet, one of the most memorable moments for any parent is when the baby learns to sit. This, you may say, is her first step towards getting independent.

The time when your baby starts to sit is really exciting for every parent. Often most parents get impatient, wondering when their baby will learn to sit as well. Understanding your baby’s developmental milestones better will help you know her progress better.

When Do Babies Sit Up?

There is no set time when can baby sit up on own, as every baby is different from the other. Most babies start sitting around the same time when they learn to roll over and can hold the head up high. For this, they first need certain muscle

s to be developed and strengthened.

By the time your baby is between four-seven months, these muscles get stronger, helping your baby to sit. Most babies learn to sit up straight without any support by the time they turn nine months old.

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How Can Parents Help When Baby Starts Sitting?

Babies learn to sit themselves. Some start as early as four months while some start a little later around nine months. In any case, make sure you do not make your baby rush through these developments. Remember, no matter when baby start sitting. So be patient.

As a parent, if you want to offer some help to your little one in sitting up, here’s what you can do:

  • Encourage your baby to play more while lying on his tummy.
  • If your baby plays on tummy, make her lie straight again. This will make her roll over back on the tummy. Learning to roll over is the first step while learning to sit.
  • Make your baby look up gradually while she is lying on her tummy. You may use attractive toys and different catchy noises that your baby responds to.
  • Put a little C-shaped pillow under baby’s chest while she lies on her tummy. This will make her learn to look up with her head.
  • These will help develop your baby’s neck, head, shoulder and back muscles and make them stronger. She will soon gain more control and eventually learn to sit.

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Additionally, you can also keep the following in mind:

  • Make your baby sit in the corners of the couch. This will make her sit up straight for some time and make her feel what it feels to sit up. This will help her learn to balance better while sitting.
  • As soon as your baby learns how to sit, put some toys around her but out of her reach. This will help her gain more arm strength and control.
  • Make sure your baby sits on something soft. Babies tend to lose their control while sitting as soon as they get distracted by something else. Always be there to supervise and help. Make sure you do not immediately put her on the floor, as she can slip and hurt herself.

Caution To Be Taken While Making Your Angle Learn To Sit:

While you really want her to learn everything fast, it is important to remember that your baby has her own developmental time. Let her learn at her own pace. Also, make sure that you constantly keep your baby under supervision and remove anything that can hurt her.

  • As your baby learns to sit with better control, balance and independence, she also develops stronger arms. This means that your baby will try to grab everything within her reach.
  • Make necessary changes in the house.
  • Put everything that might harm baby away from her reach.
  • If your baby was born a little premature, she/he might learn things a little later. So always be very patient.
  • If your baby doesn’t learn to sit by nine months, discuss this with her doctor.
  • Ensure your baby sits in a car seat when you drive out with her.
  • Always be around your baby to help, to take care and to avoid any accidents.
  • This phase of your baby’s life is really exciting for her, as it is for you. Let her enjoy it in her own pace. Be around to keep her safe and enjoy the phase!

Hope you liked our post on when baby starts sitting. Don’t forget to share your ‘first’ stories with us.

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