Baby's 5th Month - A Guide To Development And Milestones

Baby's 5th Month

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While you had been showering all your affection to your little one so far, its time you can expect the same back. Yes mommies, you may see your baby picking up her arms and putting them around your neck! It is definitely one of those heart-melting moments that are worth waiting for.

Here we shall take a look at what more you can expect from your angel at this age.

5 Month Old Baby Developmental Milestones:

Get ready to play the classic hide-and-seek with your 5 months baby and start catching on the fun. She will love socializing and interacting with people around her.

1. Overall Development:

Your baby has developed strong survival skills and you will find her busy all day long.

  • This age is termed as vocal age with plenty of laughs, coos and gurgles.
  • You may find her delightful in the morning, after she has been fed or after a long sleep.
  • This is the time when you should spend time playing and talking to her.
  • You will find her smiling at you at almost all responses.
  • See if your baby is reaching out for objects placed near her. Do not make it very easy for her; instead throw challenges to encourage movement. This will help her develop control over her body.
  • She will be able to keep her back and head in alignment when you make her sit up gently.
  • She is now capable of rolling, which is a big achievement for her.

2. Behavioural Development:

Your baby at this age will be a “happy baby”.

  • Your darling can now respond to stimulation and can be held easily as she supports her head.
  • She now knows the techniques to garner your attention, as well as those within her close radius. These mannerisms and little ways are called “sensory traps” to easily fascinate you.
  • At the same time your baby may get cranky, bored or tired when she does not know what to do next. Be prepared to deal with her temperaments.
  • She will look at you for frequent reassurances. This helps her regulate her emotions.
  • She is now developing to be a separate individual and will have her own ways of getting things done.

3. Physical Development:

Your five months baby grows every week and her curled-up appearance since birth is fading away.

  • When you visit a doctor he shall measure the head circumference, weight and height of your little wonder. These are considered parameters of proper growth and development.
  • While you may find her growing fast one week, the growth may seem relatively stable the next week. There is nothing to worry about it.
  • You can track her growth with percentile charts that offers objective comparison with other babies of this age.

Interaction And Activities:

There is no need to buy the “commercially available best toys” or the “educational” ones. Keep in mind, toys at this stage are simply meant to keep your baby in 5th month entertained.

  • Buy toys that are safe and brightly colored. Your little one will want to chew anything she gets hold of. So you need to be careful about this.
  • Your baby will develop a strong attachment with her comforter or a specific toy. These are called “transitional love objects”. This indicates she is emotionally sensitive towards these things.
  • You need to make sure her favorite cushion, soft toy or blanket is not obstructing with her normal breathing while she is sleeping.

Health Of Your Little One:

Make sure you are not missing out on the vaccinations for this age. Keep a track of the immunization chart so that you do not miss out any one of them.

  • Your efforts will go in vain if you are too bothered about cleanliness. Your baby has started enjoying her new found freedom and she will venture out in all possible places in your home.
  • Doctors actually suggest that there is nothing to worry if there is some dirt in your home as it actually helps building strong immune systems in your babies.
  • Adopt a relaxed attitude about hygiene and take all sensible precautions to keep her in good health.

How You Can Assist Your 5 Month Old Baby?

There are in fact many ways you can adopt to help your little one. Take a look:

  • You can help her sit by making her legs form a “V” shape. This will give her the much needed balance. Once she is sitting comfortably, you can give her toys to stay engaged. You must have pillows or cushions nearby to offer her the much needed support.
  • Place one toy in her hand and then another. This will help her learn to pass the toys from one hand to the other without any help.
  • You can help her develop a better perception of movement when you swing her gently or rock her side by side. This can be a good preparation before she begins to crawl.
  • It is too early for her to stand up, but you can hold her armpits and make her stand up while playing.
  • While she is lying on her tummy, you can move a toy out of her reach but within her sight. See if she is trying to reach it. Get it a little closer if she finds it difficult.

Every baby is different and you should encourage her always and let her do things at her own pace. If you are worried about developmental delays, you can discuss your concern with your doctor and clarify all your doubts.

There is no need to feel anxious or worried about the upcoming months as long as you are doing your best. Relax and enjoy the growing up phase that you will savor all through your life.

Moms tell us how you manage your 5 months old baby all through the day. We would love to hear from you.

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