The Ultimate Toy Guide For 2015

Ultimate Toy Guide For 2015

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All children love toys. Do you find it baffling to choose the right toy for your child every time you step into a giant toy store? Are you not sure if your child will enjoy playing with a popular and expensive toy you chose for her? Are you aware that toys are potential learning tools for your child and can boost her intelligence? Age appropriate toys for children spark their imagination, engage their senses and encourage social interaction.

Find out a handy guide to help you choose the right toy for your child that will surely make learning fun for her.

Best Toys Guide For Babies:

You will find babies interested in exploring the world around them. Babies love experiencing every new texture, color, taste and shape as they continue to learn through the process. Keep in mind the following baby toys guide, while giving toys to your baby:

  • Look for toys that are fascinating and stimulating.
  • You must also ensure the toys you give are safe i.e. they have no sharp edges, choki
    ng hazards, etc.
  • Soft toys and squeaky toys are a must for babies.

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Toys For Toddlers:

Toddlers are capable of playing with different kinds of toys. You may find your toddler still enjoying some toys she used to enjoy playing as an infant. Follow the guidelines that will help you buy the right toys for her:

  • Look for age appropriate educational toys that will help expand her knowledge.
  • Look for toys that engage her mind.
  • Look for toys that encourage her to match similar objects and teach her about names and shapes.
  • Lego blocks are a great way to help her develop her hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

Toys For Preschoolers:

When your kid is nearing her pre-school days, it is time to introduce her to language, numbers, and letters. Here is a look at the toys that may help you do just that:

  • Look for alphabet puzzles that aid learning.
  • If your kid has started going to a kindergarten, she is already familiar with educational and fun toys.
  • Buying similar toys for home will help her practice the things she is learning at school.
  • Kids learn a lot while playing with toys. Encouraging her to play with educational toys will help you make learning fun for her.

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Questions To Ask While Buying Toys:

Confusion over which toy to buy is likely, because of the endless options available in the market. To make things simpler, here are some questions that you may ask yourself to make the right choice:

  1. How will this toy help my kid learn?
  2. What are the skills required for playing a particular toy?
  3. What are the different ways she shall engage and play with her toys?
  4. Will she be able to play independently with the toys?
  5. Do the toys encourage creative thinking in any way?

Considering these aspects will help you pick the right toy for your child. Above all, you will be happy to see your kid growing and developing her skills playing with it. There is no point in spending on useless toys that aid very little or no skill-development at all.

Toys not only help develop your child’s motor and cognitive skills but can also boost her social skills. You can teach your child about sharing and interacting while playing with other children. You can also bond with your little one over toys.

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Remember a toy is not valuable because of its price tag but because of the amazing things it can teach your child. Therefore, it is not necessary to go for expensive toys, ordinary playthings like dolls and balls can be great learning tools for your kid, too.

If your child loves her toys, please share with us your tips and advice about how you choose the best toy guide that aids both her physical and mental development.

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