12 Amazing Benefits Of Reading Bedtime Stories To Your Baby

Reading Bedtime Stories To Your Baby

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Do you want your child to grow up to be a good moral citizen? If the answer is a resounding yes, you have come to the right place. Reading bedtime stories, with well defined morals has proved to increase the moral values of a child.

No matter how busy you are balancing your work and home, bonding and interacting with your baby is vitally essential. Storytelling helps you achieve this bond with your newborn.

Reading not only a way to put her to sleep, but it is also to enhance her creativity from a very early age. Let’s know more about the benefits of reading out bedtime story for babies.

Why Should You Tell Stories to Your Little One?

Stories take kids to an imaginary world, where the fun seems to be never ending. Doctors suggest that you start reading bedtime stories for baby from the very early age to help her imagine.

  • Dr Fernald of Stanford University in California says that reading to babies helps babies to process words very fast.
  • He also says, “By reading to y
    our baby early, you are building a mind that can conceptualize and imagine and think about the past and think about the future.”

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Benefits of Reading Bedtime Stories For Babies:

Bedtime stories are a great way to improve interaction between you and your baby. She will love staring at the colorful pictures and have real good time listening to the fairy tales. Here are numerous other benefits when you take the time to read out a story every night to your darling baby!

1. Reading helps development of your baby’s oral communication skills, listening abilities and language recognition skills. It is a good way to strengthen her vocabulary and different sentence structures from a very early age.

2. Books with colorful illustrations are a good way to influence socio-economic development of your baby. Illustrations and stories go hand in hand and your baby can develop ideas about different toys, animals, birds and so on.

3. Stories with small details such as difference in colour, shape and size shall help her distinguish between the different available options.

4. Long before your baby has actually started speaking, she is absorbing information about language by listening to the stories you read. This will certainly come into help when your child starts her education.

5. Moral stories speak about proper behaviour and basic manners. Reading these stories loud will help her learn the values and use them all through her life.

6. Babies, who are around a year old, can develop their problem solving skills listening to bedtime stories. She can simply follow a character and take cues from her actions.

7. You as a parent can pick up stories that relate with her current stage in life. The stories can be on how a boy finds his lost toy or how a girl learned using the potty.

8. Babies around 10 months can learn to turn pages and listen to new words. As she continues to grow she learns the art of reading from left to the right.

9. With time and age your baby shall learn to communicate through body language, verbal methods, listening and written words just like you. You will find her advancing and using new words to think, feel and express what she feels.

10. Engaging your baby in bedtime stories is a great way to help her get comfortable with the reading habit. This is indeed a very beneficial and a healthy habit. You can improve her attention spans by reading bedtime stories to her every night.

11. It is a good way to relax her mind and body before going to bed. Even she had a fight with another sibling or got a scolding for you for doing something wrong, reading will help her get involved in a completely different world and relieve her from all anxieties of the real world.

12. As your baby grows, she may start looking up to some people and draw inspiration from them. This can be a very effective way of improving her personality and knowledge.

Hope you liked these benefits of reading best bedtime stories for babies. Reading and talking to babies should be considered as seriously as feeding them, as per psychologist Anne Fernald. As it is never very early to start, introduce your baby to the world of reading. So what are you waiting for, take your baby and visit your local library or bookstore!

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