10 Important Reasons For Loss Of Appetite In Babies

Reasons For Loss Of Appetite In Babies

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Is your baby reluctant about eating food? Does she miss several feeding sessions daily? Are all your efforts to feed your little one in vain? If you nodded along solemnly, your little angel might be suffering from a loss of appetite. How to identify if your baby has loss of appetite? Why does she suffer from appetite loss? Read our post and get answers to your concerns.

Spotting Loss Of Appetite In Babies:

When your baby suffers from a loss of appetite, she will exhibit irritation, develop rash, drool, vomit often, cough a lot, and refrain from eating even her favorite foods. Loss of appetite can be a matter of concern if you don’t know its causes. So it becomes important to learn why your little one suffers from an appetite slump.

Causes Of Loss Of Appetite In Babies:

1. Teething:

Teething is one of the prominent causes of low appetite in babies. Your little angel will experience discomfort, pain, suffer from fever and develop a rash when her teeth erupt. As a result, s

he will refrain from eating food and vomit often. (1)

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2. Intestinal Worms:

Your baby is vulnerable to all sorts of health problems like intestinal worms and parasites. Intestinal worms can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Seek medical assistance as soon as possible to cure your baby. (2)

3. Excess Water:

Drinking too much water fills your baby, and she may suffer from appetite loss due to it. Your baby has a tiny stomach and mother’s milk and other liquids in small amounts can meet her stomach’s fluid requirements. If you try to be overzealous and force your little one to drink excess water, your baby suffers from a loss of appetite.

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4. Poor Health And Weakness:

Poor health can make your baby reluctant about consuming food. Cold, cough, fever, and an upset tummy can make her lose appetite.

5. Overheating:

Overheating can trigger appetite loss in your little angel. Excess of heat can make her irritable and lead to other conditions like vomiting, sweating, stomach upset, and rashes. As a result, she may protest against eating food. Consult your physician if her appetite doesn’t improve.

6. Introduction Of Solid Foods:

Your baby tends to consume more milk and other liquids. When you introduce solid foods to your little one, she may refrain from consuming solids for a few days or weeks. Your baby may need some time to turn habitual to chew and consume food and become receptive to solids, and so she may suffer from appetite slump.

7. Anemia:

Anemia is another prominent reason for appetite loss in babies. Babies with a low iron count suffer from weakness, irritability, and fatigue, which hamper their appetite. So feed your little angel iron-rich foods. (3)

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8. Sore Throat:

Sore throat results due to a viral infection and can lead to an appetite slump. When suffering from a sore throat, your baby may also suffer from fever and swollen glands. She may find it difficult to swallow food easily and exhibit resistance from consuming food.

9. Growth Changes:

Babies often undergo periods of growth spurts and no growth. As a result, their food requirement and food habits change a lot. Lots of growth changes temporarily cause baby loss of appetite.

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10. Vaccination:

Babies need to take all necessary vaccines. After vaccination, babies tend to suffer from fever, mumps, rash, and other symptoms that ultimately their appetite. (4)

A Word Of Caution:

If you baby suffers from vomiting, diarrhea, rash, or any other symptom along with loss of appetite, seek medical assistance immediately. Early and appropriate treatment will help her recover quicker and ensure her good health.

Did your baby suffer from an appetite slump at any time? What did you do to cure it? Share your experience with other moms here.

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