Is It Safe For Your Baby To Sleep On One Side?

baby sleeping on side. Is it safe

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Watching your baby sleep peacefully is one of the most cherished sights for a parent. As a mother it is important to know some do’s and don’ts of the right sleeping position for your baby.

Why The Right Position Is Important?

The right position of sleep helps avoid SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Till your baby is one year old, he or she is at a risk of SIDS, therefore, as a mother you should always be alert about the sleeping habits of your baby.

Medical experts and pediatricians have their own recommendations and guidelines for safe sleeping habits of babies. However, some babies might not conform to these standards and develop their own styles. Thus, the most pertinent question that still remains wide open is “Is it safe for a baby to sleep on her chosen side?”

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Is It Safe For Baby To Sleep On Side?

Is your newborn baby sleeping on side?Side sleeping is NOT a recommended position as it increases the chances of a baby rolling

onto her stomach & increase the risk of SIDS. The best sleeping position for a baby is to put her to sleep on her back. Therefore, as recommended by most pediatricians, always make your baby sleep on her back and not on her side or stomach.

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5 Important Things To Remember During Sleep Time:

1. As your baby grows and reaches the age of five or six months, she might begin to roll over and sleep on her side or stomach. You can then settle your baby to sleep on her back but allow her to find a comfortable position of her own eventually.

2. You should always monitor your baby during her sleep till the age of one. As the risk of SIDS persists till your baby is a year old.

3. Babies who are put to sleep on the side are prone to accidentally rolling on to their stomach while sleeping that might increase the danger of SIDS, as your baby might find it difficult to breathe if their face is turned down towards the bed.

4. Babies with gastro-esophageal should be made to sleep on their back or in the “Supine” position.

5. Babies who sleep on their sides or on their stomach or the “Prone” position tend to inhale milk or fluids into their airway thereby increasing the risk of suffocation or choking.

6. Even during the daytime naps, ensure that your baby is made to sleep on her back rather than the side.

In certain medical conditions a doctor might advise that your baby should be made to sleep on her side or tummy and that is only in special medical cases.

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5 Precautions To Rememeber If Baby Sleeping On The Side:

Let’s now talk about a few steps that you can take to help your baby sleep on her back rather than embracing the side sleeping position.

1. Do not push the bed against the wall as that might make your baby roll on to her side to get the support of the wall.

2. Ensure that your baby sleeps on her back from the birth.

3. In addition, ensure that the mattress is firm so that your baby can maintain her position once made to sleep on the back.

4. Do not wrap your baby too tight if sleeping on a restricted surface. This might limit the movement of her hands and legs, and might prompt your baby to move for comfort and end up in the wrong position.

5. Never put your baby to sleep on a sofa or a smaller space where she can’t sleep comfortably on her back.

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Therefore, ensure that you put your baby to sleep on her back from day one as that is the safest position of sleeping. However, some babies might find sleeping on the side comfortable and might stick to that style from a very young age. In this case, be very careful and for extra tips, please consult your pediatrician.

Moms, do share your experiences of how your baby prefers to sleep to enlighten other moms about baby’s sleeping habits.

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