3 Key Benefits Of Using Olive Oil For Babies


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You may have heard a lot about olive oil. Don’t be surprised if you find olive oil extracts in moisturizers, creams, conditioners and even lip balms… that are how good it is!

It is supposed to be the best heart-healthy oil and also the idea replacement for your usual cooking oil. Well, it turns out, this antioxidant packed oil has much more to do, and is now being used in the cosmetic industry too. Could you use olive oil as a massage oil for babies? Yes, it is really safe for kids.

Decoding The Benefits Of Olive Oil For Babies:

Olive oil is packed with important nutrients that are essential for a baby’s healthy growth and development. It has been found that mothers who consumed moderate quantities of olive oil during their pregnancy period were more likely to have kids with better motor reflexes, height, weight and other physical qualities.

Consumption of olive oil during breastfeeding is also thought to help maintain a supply of essential nutrients to your baby, which

she requires.

Does Olive Oil Make Baby Skin Dark?

As your baby is growing steadily, you will want to give her the best to ensure that her development process is carried out without any trouble. Massaging your baby is highly recommended, as it helps make your baby active. Also promotes bone and muscle health and develops motor skills.

Now that you know how olive oil is packed with wonderful benefits for the skin, you may be tempted to choose it as a massage oil for your baby… but wait! Research has revealed how olive oil is not a great option for babies who have dry and broken skin, and may contribute to skin darkening.

Those having a family history of eczema should avoid massaging their babies with olive oil.

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Olive Oil For Babies:

Olive oil is also known to contain a fatty acid called oleic acid, which is believed to make the skin more permeable, which can be both good and bad. An increased permeability of the skin could cause water and oil to be absorbed into your baby’s skin. Thus making it soft and supple; but it could also increase the moisture, which could be harmful for your baby if she suffers from skin conditions like eczema.

It is also important to remember that a baby’s skin is much delicate and thinner as compared to adults, which is why, it is very essential to choose the olive oil good for baby skin. It is best to use light oils for a baby’s massage.

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1. Olive Oil For Constipation:

Olive oil is a good ingredient to cure constipation:

  • Your baby’s digestive system is still maturing, and is very sensitive to any changes in the diet. It is therefore, not unusual for your baby to experience constipation or diarrhea every few weeks. Thankfully, olive oil is thought to act as a wonderful natural digestive stimulant, which regulates the bowels and helps ease constipation naturally.What’s more, you, as an adult, can also use olive oil as a supplement to regulate your bowel movements. But make sure you give olive oil to your baby and yourself in appropriate quantity only!
  • If you are feeding your baby formula milk, there is a good chance your baby could be affected by constipation, and if that’s the case, olive oil could be the best thing to reach out to. Formula milk is much difficult to digest than breast milk, which is probably why it could get your baby constipated. Also, if you are introducing solid foods to your baby for the first time, he may have trouble digesting it and be affected by constipation.
  • If you are using olive oil as a treatment for constipation for your baby, make sure you seek your doctor’s advice first. True, olive oil is completely natural and has no side effects, it is always better to stick to the safer side and rule out any possible concerns whatsoever.

2. Olive Oil For Skin Problems:

Usually massaging baby with olive oil is not a good option, but it is actually very helpful in promoting skin health and dealing with skin problems in many cases.

  • Diaper Rashes:

    Olive oil is among the best natural remedies when it comes to dealing with diaper rashes and many other skin conditions. Using a mixture of 2 parts olive oil and 1 part water, beaten nicely, can be a natural soothing agent when applied to the diaper rash.

  • Getting Rid Of Lices:Young kids also tend to be affected by head lices, and olive oil could be a wonderful remedy for tackling it. It is also believed that children suffering from atopic skin problems can experience relief in their condition after they apply olive oil to the affected areas.

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3. Other Uses Of Olive Oil:

Apart from these, olive oil is believed to be helpful in dealing with many other health conditions.

  • Olive oil is believed to have a fatty acid composition which is quite similar to that of breast milk.
  • Many studies have also revealed how olive oil could have a positive impact on the growth of your baby and may aid bone and muscle development.
  • Vitamin E content of olive oil is believed to help mothers glide through pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Consumption of olive oil could help protect your baby against conditions such as hypercholesterolaemia and atherosclerosis.
  • Olive oil is believed to help prevent pancreas and kidney failure in premature babies too.

Though olive oil is natural and gentle, it can have different reactions on different human bodies. It is therefore, best to have a talk with your doctor before using olive oil as a treatment for any problems in your baby. Following the appropriate dosage is also important since your baby is small and is more susceptible to any adverse reactions of overdose.

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