5 Best Potty Seats For Your Little One

Potty Seats

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Are you thinking of buying a potty seat for your little one? If yes, it is time for you to know that potty-training is a tough task for most new parents. Without a systematic plan of action, do not begin the process blindfolded.

A Word Of Caution:

Think practical. Instead of buying a funky baby toilet seat , go for something that fits your needs. Hygiene should be of utmost importance. Ensure a hassle-free way to empty the contents of the potty after use. This seat is going to be visible at your house for more than a couple of years.

Different Types Of Baby Toilet Seat:

Let’s briefly draw a comparison between potty chairs and potty seats before finally deciding which one to choose for your baby:

1. Potty Chairs:

Potty chairs are separate little potties which comfortably sit on the floor of your bathroom. While some have a single, solid plastic base, the others don’t. The latter will have removable cups, trays and even can be foldable for easy storage.

Pro: Your toddler can easily jump on top of it anytime.

Con: It is tough to empty and clean it. You will have to train the little one for the bigger potty again.

2. Potty Seats:

A regular or padded toilet seat that snugly sits on the usual toilet seat is a potty seat. These doughnut shaped seats don’t require emptying and can be flushed for cleaning.The best potty seat will have rubber bottoms that make it less slippery. Some of them even have little hooks that attach to the wall of the commode. Most potty seats can be removed and stored next to the potty after every use. While some others can be attached permanently, can be removed for adult visitors and lowered for toddlers.

Another bonus feature you can look out for in an ideal potty seat is the handle. Some potty sets will have little handles on their sides which will help the toddler to hold firmly on to them and ensure balance. More importantly, this facility helps give their mostly restless hands, a place to rest.

Pro: They are less messy and easily give them hands-on training to use the adult’s toilet.

Con: It is difficult to find an appropriate potty seat that correctly fits your toilet.

3. Accessories – Stools And Steps:

While using the potty seat, your toddler might need a stool or a step to climb on to reach it. From little plastic boxes to elaborate staircases with rails, are readily available in the market to meet this purpose. Stools that can be moved out of the way for adults will be the best. If the stool can give a resting place to the toddler while using the potty seat, it would be better.

Pro: Stool helps your toddler to climb up easily onto the potty seat without much assistance.

Con: The baby might also use the stool for climbing to potentially hazardous areas like your lower kitchen cabinet.

Features Of Good Potty Seats:

The major pointer to take note of while buying baby toilet seats is to find out whether it is easy to clean. An affordable pricing along with smooth edges and small contours are other benefits.

1. Stability:

It is good to look for versatility. But make sure, none of its parts are easily removable. At any point of time, negligence on our part may result in the baby taking out one of it/s parts, to use it as a potentially risky toy.

Therefore, check out toddler proof potty seats.

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2. Entertainment Features:

Several add-ons make potties more appealing to the babies. Be it in the form of songs, lights or sound effects, entertainment features can be aplenty in the potty. But remember that potty seats for babies which look like potties, are the ultimate choice.

3. Folding Potty Seat:

A child size toilet seat that you can easily use while traveling is a folding potty seat. This seat can be used to cover a public adult-size toilet and is easily foldable for portability. But the few flaws that accompany this seat are its heavy nature which makes it tough to carry along; plus, it’s relatively cheap and hence is likely to have sharp edges and cracks around it.

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