10 Best Educational Toys For Babies


Is your baby ready to explore the world of toys? Are you excited to start your baby’s learning process with the help of some smart toys?

Toys can be your baby’s fun companion as well as an educational guide. This article will tell you about some of the best educational toys that you can get for your baby.

What Should I Look For In A Toy For My Baby?

Admit it – every toy looks like it needs to be picked up and brought home! The key to buying the right toys for your baby is to understand your baby’s needs as per age. Educational toys are a great way to entertain your baby while teaching him about the world around him. Before you decide on buying a toy, keep these few points in mind to help you select the right toy [1]:

  • Should be made of safe and non-toxic material, should not have any sharp edges or detachable parts that can cause choking.
  • Should not be difficult to clean.
  • Should interest and encourage your baby to explore and keep entertained.
  • Should be age specific and ideally have multip
    le features.

Top 10 Educational Toys For Babies:

Here are ten of the best educational baby toys that you should definitely bring home:

1. Venus Learning Shapes Ball:


This is one of the first basic educational toys that your baby will love to play with. Ideal for your baby from six months and above, it acts as a rattle, a counting toy and a shape sorter, all in one! This ball can be used from infancy till the time your baby is of preschool age. Your baby can learn to match the shapes and learn about colors. The pieces also have numbers etched on them and help teach number recognition. The toy is priced at INR 135.

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2. Little’s Musical Activity Table:

Little’s Musical Activity Table

This activity table is ideal for your baby from one year and above. The musical toy has multiple features that include light and sound options, telephone and sounds, flip book, music buttons and more. It is portable and can be put up on a stand or on the floor to help your baby play while standing or sitting. The toy is priced at INR 1345.

3. Leap Frog Lil Phone Pal:

Leap Frog Lil Phone Pal

This cute little monkey toy is a great way to teach your baby about numbers. This little phone is best suited for your baby between six to eight months. Press the button of the toy to activate ten types of conversations. Your baby can also move the phone around to animate the monkey. The toy will help to teach basic numbers and can also teach some common phone greetings. It is priced at INR 999.

4. Winfun Sweet Cake Stacker:

Winfun Sweet Cake Stacker

This is a fun ring stacking game that will teach your baby about colors and encourage motor development. The toy is perfect for your baby from six months to two years. The toy comes with some fun and catchy sounds and rhythms. It also features flashing candle light and swirling beads. The rings have different textures and will help in your baby’s sensory development. The toy is priced at INR 1299.

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