6 Best Toys For 4 Month Old Babies

Toys For 4 Month Old Babies

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Has your baby recently turned four months old? Are you looking for new toys for him? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea!

Parents, friends and relatives love to pamper the little ones in the family. Toys make popular gifts for infants. Are you seeking unique 4 month old baby toys that will help you introduce your little one to the world of colors, shapes and sounds? Worry no more! Check out our list of the top six best toys for 4 month old baby, that will not just keep him busy, but will also excite his young mind.

1. Hide N Squeak Eggs:

Hide N Squeak Eggs

Hide n Squeak Eggs are exactly what their ‘name’ suggests. Six eggs lie in a colorful egg carton and when you press them they crack open to reveal chirping chicks! All that with no need of batteries! As your baby will grow older, the toy will also help him learn about shapes as your baby will need to place the eggs in the correct carton shell.

Price: $10.81

Available At: Amazon.com

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2. Guardians Of The Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure:

Guardians Of The Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure

Does your baby love music? Pick up this dancing groot figure from the Guardians of the Galaxy for him! The groot figure dances to built-in music “I want you back,” and also to any other tune or music you’ll play thanks to its inbuilt sensors. So if you’re not sure about what toy to get for your baby, this one will be the perfect pick! The dance moves of this toy are sure to grab your baby’s attention!

Price: $26

Available At: Amazon.com

3. VTech Spin And Learn Color Flashlight:

VTech Spin And Learn Color Flashlight

With over 50 sing-along songs, fun phrases, and music this color flashlight is one of the best interactive toys you could get for your little one. It will help introduce your baby to the concepts of colors, numbers, and animals. The toy comes with simple controls and needs two AA batteries for operation. The flashlight glows in five different colors and will be an instant hit with your baby. The unique sounds and sights the toy offers are sure to delight your little one.

Price: $11.96

Available At: Amazon.com

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4. Kacey – Pink Koala Reg:

Kacey - Pink Koala Reg

All babies love to hold warm and soft things, and your baby may be no exception. The handmade pink koala could be the perfect companion for your baby at night, when he wants to cuddle onto something and sleep.

Price: $8.49

Available At: Amazon.com

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5. Despicable Me Bounce Balls Favors, 6Ct:

Despicable Me Bounce Balls Favors, 6Ct

Does your baby love balls? Then this one may be the perfect toy for him! These bounce balls feature minion faces on them and make a wonderful gift to surprise your baby.

Price: $2.99

Available At: Amazon.com

6. Story Time 10 Pcs Velvet Animal Finger Puppets:

Story Time 10 Pcs Velvet Animal Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are the perfect toy for your four-month-old baby who loves listening to bedtime stories and is learning to grasp things. The ten adorable puppets in the shape of different animals like dog, frog, panda bear, rabbit, cow and more are perfectly safe toys for your baby. You can use these toys to bond with your baby as you sing his favorite rhymes!

Price: $2.79

Available At: Amazon.com

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These cute best toys for a 4 month old will turn out to be the perfect way to keep your baby happy and busy while you deal with the housework.

Now you know about the top six options in the toy segment for your four-month-old baby. Why wait? Go ahead and take your pick to pamper your little one without burning a hole in your pocket!

Did you purchase any of these toys for 4 month old we’ve picked? Did your baby love them? Share your experiences with us in the comments box below.

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