How To Choose The Best Baby Formula For Your Little Ones?

How To Choose Baby Formula For Your Little Ones

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Are you unable to breastfeed your baby? The reasons could be numerous ranging from less production of breast milk to a medical condition. The best alternative that you have is to use the best baby formula.

With so many formulas for babies available in the market, choosing the best formula milk for babies is a difficult task. It is vital that you learn about baby formulas to get a clear idea of which formula milk is best for baby.

Many companies manufacture and market an array of baby formulas ranging from premature baby formula to elemental food formula. Here we give you some of the best formula milk for babies:

1. Premature Infant Formula:

  • The formula aims to meet the requirements of preterm babies.
  • The infant formula has ingredients of high calorific value, as it is essential for a premature baby.
  • Even a small amount of feed with this formula would offer enough nourishment to an underweight baby.

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2. Baby Formula Based On Co
w Milk:

  • This formula has cow’s milk as its main ingredient. Protein in this formula is easily digestible by babies.
  • This formula is ideal for your baby if he is 12 months of age or more.
  • This formula is not advisable for your baby aged below 1 year as his digestive system is not fully developed. The system cannot digest the complex nutrients present in this formula.

3. Baby Formula Based On Soya:

  • Soya-based formula is the best choice if your newborn finds it hard to digest your breast milk. He might have lactose intolerance or allergy towards milk protein.
  • The main ingredient of this baby formula is soya, which is rich in nutrients.
  • However, make sure that you give this formula to your baby after consulting a doctor.

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4. Gentle Baby Formula:

  • If your baby makes a fuss over breast milk or has gastric issues, then this baby formula is the right choice.
  • It is formulated with less lactose content than the rest of the formulas, making it safe for your baby’s stomach.

5. Lactose-Free Baby Formula:

  • If your baby has zero intolerance towards lactose, then this formula is apt for him.

The formula is a lactose-free preparation.

6. Toddler Formula:

  • If your toddler is aged between 9 and 24 months, then this formula is the best find.
  • It has a specific formulation to cater to the growing requirements of a toddler.
  • It is developed with the right amount of nutrition and probiotics essential for your growing child.
  • This formula is easy to digest for toddlers.

7. Elemental Formula:

  • If your baby has both lactose and soya allergy, then elemental formula is the right choice.
  • This formula food is the right source of nutrition for your baby, as it fulfils the nourishment that is usually derived from milk products.
  • This formula has a tasty flavor and enhances the health of your baby.

Forms of Baby Formula:

Usually, baby formulas arrive in three different forms, such as:

1. Ready To Use Baby Formula:

  • It is a convenient option as you need not measure or mix the formula with warm water.
  • You can just open the pack and feed your baby.
  • Such expensive formulas are usually fed to newborns in hospitals.
  • Once the pack is open, you have to use it within 48 hours.

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2. Liquid Concentrated Baby Formula:

  • This baby formula needs you to add water. You can add water based on instructions to make it look like natural milk.
  • The formula is moderately priced and is convenient to use.

3. Powdered Baby Formula:

  • It is the most economical formula available in the market.
  • This formula would take some of your time as you have to mix it using the right number of scoops and exact proportion of water.
  • It has only a slight trace of Bisphenol A (BPA) when compared to liquid formula.

If you are still not clear about choosing the right baby formula, then make sure that you consult your baby’s doctor to get advice on which is the best baby formula.

We hope the information on choosing the baby formula helps you. Do you know some information that you can share? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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