Top 5 Thermometers For Your Baby

Thermometers For Baby

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Are you planning to buy a thermometer for your little one? Does your baby often fall sick and you want a good thermometer that can help you with the reading?

If you are buying a thermometer for your baby for the first time, give it some thought. Read on to know what you need to check before buying a thermometer and what are some of the best options for best baby thermometers available today in the market.

How To Choose The Best Thermometer For Baby:

A thermometer that correctly reads your baby’s temperature is very important. It will help your baby’s doctor correctly prescribe medication as well as diagnose the condition. You may feel your baby’s body and realize it is warm, but unless you have an accurate reading, it will not help. If your baby is less than three months old, it is even more important to have a thermometer that gives an accurate reading. A very low fever in infants can also signal a serious health concern that may need urgent medical attention.

Types Of Baby Thermometers:

Here are the different types of thermometers that are available in the market:

1. Multi-Use Thermometer:

It reads your baby’s body temperature through a sensor on the small metal tip at the end. You can use it orally, in the rectum or under the arm to measure your baby’s temperature.

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2. Rectal Thermometer:

It gives the most accurate results and is the best option for newborns. However, these thermometers can be uncomfortable, and you may find it inconvenient to use, especially since your baby is so delicate and small. If you do want to use it, look for one that has a flexible tip and a wide handle to make the insertion process comfortable. Also, make sure you do not insert it more than an inch as it can cause some serious damage to your baby’s body.

3. Temporal Artery Thermometer:

It uses an infrared scanner to measure the temperature of your baby’s temporal artery. It is a safe, convenient and comfortable instrument that will not harm your baby in any way.

4. Ear Thermometer:

It uses an infrared technology to measure your baby’s temperature inside the ear canal. It is a quick and safe method that is not uncomfortable for your baby at all. As you need to insert it into the delicate ear canal, it is advisable to use it for babies who are six months or older.

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5. Under The Arm Thermometer:

It reads the temperature under the arm of your baby. Such thermometers are easy to use, comfortable and safe, but you need to make sure your baby stays put while you take the temperature. You can use this type of thermometer for babies of any age, but its reading may not be as accurate as the ear, rectal or temporal artery thermometers.

Buying Guide:

Before you decide the thermometer you want to buy for your baby, here are a few tips to help you choose right:

  • Age Appropriate: You cannot useall the thermometers for babies across all ages, so make sure you check the age specifications.
  • How Convenient It Will Be For Your Baby: If you know your baby does not like something that is invasive, it will be practical for you to stay away from certain types of thermometers. On the other hand, if you know your baby does not lie still, you may prefer another type.
  • Cost: While most thermometers may give you an accurate reading, there can be a huge difference in the price range. Check what suits your budget.

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