Top 15 Best Diapers For Your Newborn

Diapers For Your Newborn

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Are you in your final weeks of pregnancy and catching up on those last-minute shopping trips? Has your baby just arrived and you’re planning to buy those diapers for him? Well, if you can relate to any of the above situations reading this post is a must!

A newborn diaper is extra soft to take care of your little one’s sensitive skin. While you should not keep your newborn in a diaper all the time, it can come handy on those doctor visits. If you want to know which diapers are the best for newborns, read on!

Here is our pick of the 15 best diapers for newborns that are easily available:

1. Huggies Newborn Taped Diapers For New Baby:

Huggies Newborn Taped Diapers For New Baby

Huggies is one of the biggest names when it comes to choosing best diaper for newborn baby.

  • The newborn diapers from Huggies have a superior absorbency that give dryness whole night.
  • It comes with an air fresh cover to allow ventilation.
  • It also has a wetness indicator in the form of yellow stars that turn blue as wetness increases
  • The clinically proven diapers prevent rash.
  • The cottony-soft diapers are perfect for your newborns.

Price: INR 268 for a pack of 24 diapers.

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2. Pampers New Baby Diapers:

Pampers New Baby Diapers

Pampers is another trusted name that mothers all over the world turn to for their baby’s diapering needs.

  • The diapers come with all night absorbency.
  • An extra dry layer keeps your baby dry and comfortable.
  • The waist and sides have a soft stretch material to prevent discomfort.
  • The diapers are soft and breathable.
  • They come with an adjustable fastening system.
  • The Cotton diapers allow your newborn’s skin to breathe.

Price: INR 299 for a pack of 24 diapers.

3. Libero Baby Diaper Small:

Libero Baby Diaper Small

Libero is a brand of baby products that is gaining popularity.

  • The imported diapers are soft, organic, airy, and thin.
  • The diapers can help prevent leakage even in high wetness.
  • They contain ingredients like aloe vera, vitamin E, olive oil and chamomile to protect your infant’s skin.

Price: INR 225 for a pack of 20 diapers.

4. Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper Newborn To Small:

Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper Newborn To Small

The Pampers Baby Dry diapers are especially good for your newborn’s sensitive skin.

  • They contain aloe vera extracts to protect your newborn’s skin.
  • The magic gel in the diaper provides ten hours of dryness.
  • The reusable tape closure provides a perfect fit.
  • It has a soft cotton cover.

Price: INR 223 for a pack of 22 diapers.

5. Bella Baby Happy Diapers Small:

Bella Baby Happy Diapers Small

The product originates from the European Union.

  • The diapers are soft and prevent rash.
  • The anatomical shape of the diaper adjusts to your newborn’s body for the perfect fit.
  • Stretch bands on the front and back prevent slippage.
  • The cloth-like sheet at the back allows airflow.
  • The special gel product absorbs moisture faster and distributes it evenly in the diaper.
  • The diaper is free of latex and chlorine and negates odor.

Price: INR 395 for a pack of 36 diapers.

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6. Teddy Easy Baby Diapers Small:

Teddy Easy Baby Diapers Small

The Teddy brand is one of the first to add Aloe Vera in a newborn diaper.

  • The diapers contain super absorbent powder (SAP).
  • The product helps prevent bacterial growth.
  • The diapers help reduce irritation and rash.
  • The product absorbs wetness faster.
  • The diapers have elastic threads for better fit.

Price: INR 450 for a pack of 48 diapers.

7. Teddy Premium Baby Diapers Small:

Teddy Premium Baby Diapers Small

The Teddy baby diapers distribute wetness evenly and help keep moisture away from your newborn’s skin.

  • The non-woven fabric diapers are super soft.
  • The diapers contain pulp, absorbent polymer, and acquisition distribution layer (ADL).
  • They have a cool care system to allow circulation of fresh air.
  • The side guards of the diaper control leaks.
  • The Wonder Fit waistband gives a snug fit.

Price: INR 442 for a pack of 48 diapers.