6 Useful Checklist For Your Newborn Baby's

Useful Checklist For Your Newborn Baby's

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Arrival of your baby is a life altering feeling for your family! You may not anticipate the overwhelming intensity of the oncoming celebration at home.
For the first few months, new parents usually find themselves confused about the most important things needed for newborn baby. Preparing a checklist of things for newborn baby is a good idea as it will make life easier for you while dealing with other aspects of baby care. When preparing for the checklist always be mindful about the basic requirements should be ready before the arrival of your baby. Here goes the list of things for newborn baby.

The Checklist Things for Newborn Baby:

We have created a basic checklist of supplies for your little one that is crucial during the early months starting from day one.

1. Feeding Essentials:

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It is ideal to breastfeed your baby. But due to the busy lifestyle now a days, if you plan to formula feed your baby then in you would need the following feedi

ng supplies:

  • Formula powder for preparing milk.
  • 6 milk bottles.
  • Bottle sterilizer and storage bag.
  • Bottle warmer, bottle drying rack, brush for cleaning bottles.
  • Nursing cover.
  • Feeding pillow.
  • Burp clothes.

If you plan to feed breast milk from bottle, then you will need a breast pump and other accessories such as bottle sterilizer and a storage bag. Sterilizing is very important when it comes to used baby bottles. You have to constantly clean these bottles as they may carry germs and other infections if kept dirty for long.

2. Clothing Basics:

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Your baby in his early days will require a lot of clothing, so ensure that you purchase enough. There are points that need to be kept in mind while buying the clothing essentials.

  • Only newborn size clothing should be bought as babies grow fast.
  • 4 to 6 rompers, both short-sleeved and long-sleeved that are buttoned at the center.
  • 6 one-piece stretchy sleepers are the best, in case you happen to get them with zippers.
  • Two pairs of scratch mittens as babies move their hands a lot and may cause scratch themselves.
  • 6 pairs of booties or socks to wear with sleep dress and other outfits.
  • 6 comfortable outfits each for the daily-wear when you want to take the baby out to meet family and friends.
  • 2 baby caps in cotton to protect their head and ears.
  • Depending on the weather, buy at least 2 heavy sweaters or jackets.

Basic clothing should be washed with a baby detergent solution only and kept safely in covered area to protect from dust.

3. Beds and Bedding:


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Once you arrive from the hospital, your new born will need some space to sleep. You can choose a baby crib, a cradle or a baby bassinet for your baby to sleep beside your bed. Make sure you get the bed arrangements done before your newborn arrives home. Care should be taken before buying cribs or bassinet. Ensure that they meet the certified safety standards. Checklist for choosing right bedding:

  • Good quality crib mattress.
  • 2 to 3 fitted sheets.
  • 3 to 4 waterproof sheets.
  • 3 cotton receiving blankets.

If you are going to borrow or buy a secondhand, make sure to check the brands to be sure of the reliability.